Monday, 4 March 2013

More on Parking

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"Cllr Prince said the problem with allowing people to park for free in one area of the borough is that it would set a precedent and other areas would want to follow suit"

Manford Way? Wanstead High Street? 

And yet another version with the above quote missing ...

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  1. For Councillor Prince to claim that a brief period of free parking would be "difficult to police" is a load of old hollyhocks. If the "grace" period is (say) 30 minutes then pressing the button on the machince without inserting cash produces a ticket valid for 30 minutes. If the motorist inserts enough cash to pay for 30 minutes and presses the button, then a ticket valid for 60 minutes is issued - 30 minutes free, plus 30 minutes paid.

    Where there's the will there's the way, Councillor Prince.