Wednesday, 14 November 2012

National Consumer Week - SAY NO TO COLD CALLERS

National Consumer Week 2012 is taking place this week and the theme this year is 'cold calling -don't buy it'. As seen on national television, Trading Standards are urging homeowners to download a no cold calling 'super sign' to help them stay safe from cold calling doorstep traders. . .
. . The Campaign has the support of Gloria Hunniford and Martin Lewis. The aim is to empower the most vulnerable consumers to say no to cold calling doorstep traders and stay safe in their homes. . .
You can download a printable PDF file Click here or click on the image below to open it so that you can print it and display it in a window in your porch or near your front door.
. . The full press blurb: Click here


  1. This is very good. But just as irritating - and unwelcome - are the cold calls on the telephone for PPI and phoney accident compensation claims.

    I have stopped them by registering with the TPS (Telephone Preference Service) but that might prevent some that I would welcome. Some system of regulation is required - prior to registering with the TPS the highest number of such calls I received in one day was six!

  2. Quite so, Morris.

    For others that may be interested, the Telephone Preference Service is here

    There is an equivalent for junk mail, the Mail Preference Service, here

  3. TPS does not appear to prevent text messages to a mobile. However, forwarding any messages received to 7726 seems to reduce them.

  4. The Mail Preference Service is a complete waste of time - we still get junk mail by the ton.

    As we seem to get so many different postmen there's no point in pointing out the error of their ways. Anyway, as they come at such variable times it would mean wasting much of the day looking out for them.