Monday, 8 October 2012

Crime Challenge from MOPAC - London Mayor's Office for Policing And Crime

This Presentation has come from Boris's office and gives useful comparisons across all London Boroughs. Redbridge has similar demographics to Enfield and to Hillingdon, so these are the Boroughs with which Redbridge is often compared.
The Presentation is a PDF file so you will need Acrobat Reader to open it. It has been uploaded to Google Docs and can be downloaded from here Click!

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Redbridge Police Give out Balloons and Advice at Neighbourhood Watch Meeting

To draw residents’ attention to home security, Operation Castle is Redbridge Police’s current anti-burglary campaign. It is a two pronged attack to proactively target offenders and to get residents on board by showing them how they can help protect their property and make it unattractive to burglars.
An open window is like a magnet to an opportunist burglar and may invalidate your insurance cover. Window locks make it far more difficult for a burglar to open the window. Burglars will look for the easiest way to gain access to a property and an open window is just that.
In the last week the Volunteer Police Cadets have assisted the Burglary Squad by patrolling on the borough looking for open windows and doors. The Cadets then approached each home and placed a balloon with a crime prevention advice label attached to it through the opening. By doing so, the Cadets were raising the householder’s awareness that if the Police could insert a balloon, then the same opening could provide an opportunity for burglars.
Redbridge Police’s home security advice for residents is as follows:
•Make sure you close all windows and install window locks especially when you go out.
•Close your front and rear doors and make sure they are locked and secure
•uPVC doors need double locking so make sure you lift the handle engage the locking mechanism and turn the key in the lock to double lock it!!
•Avoid leaving valuables on display or near windows - including car keys
•Use timer switches to activate lights when it begins to get dark. This will give the impression someone is home.
•If you have a garage, put your car in it.
•Install a visible burglar alarm - make thieves think twice
•Make sure your rear garden is secure - no ladders or steps left insecure in your garden
•Use a UV pen to mark your property
•If you have an iPad, iPod or iPhone download a free app called Find my iPhone which uses technology to assist police in tracing stolen property.
•Register your valuables at
For further crime prevention advice please contact your local Safer Neighbourhood Team or visit
If you have any information about stolen property please call 101 or Redbridge Burglary Squad on 020 8345 2610 (answer phone) or