Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Spot the Difference

As it appeared on Tuesday 21st

As amended on Wednesday 22nd
I wonder which local Public Transport Enthusiast and Guardian reader put them right?

WikiCache and current.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Tuesday, 7 February 2012


From the desk of the Borough Commander - DCS Sue Williams:

Helping and protecting people is one of the reasons police officers joined the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS). No crime is routine and any crime can be traumatic for a victim.

A key part of Total Policing launches today across the MPS with a new intensified focus on looking after victims. Total Victim Care is about putting victims at the forefront of everything the MPS and Redbridge Police do and dealing with all victims in a consistent way. It is also about dealing with victims in a way in which you or a loved one would want to be treated.

Total Victim Care is a top priority for both the MPS and Redbridge Police and from today

• Victim Care Cards will be given to every victim of crime. This gives the victim a clear idea of what they can expect during the investigation of their crime.
• There will be a new Quality Call Back process to support victims of crime and
• Improved victim letters will be sent out to victims of crime.

Redbridge Police will identify any victim of crime who is vulnerable and, along with those under 17 years of age, they will receive an enhanced level of contact. Total Victim Care at Redbridge will be the responsibility of the investigating officer who will support the victim through the investigation.

To enhance Total Victim Care and speed up contact between investigating officers and victims of crime, Redbridge Police will encourage the use of email. The email address that you can use to contact Redbridge Police is here.

For further information by phone, contact the MANAGEMENT SUPPORT UNIT 020 8345 2706

Saturday, 4 February 2012

This is the Parish 9 o’clock News

Bong! B21 to compile a heritage walk: memories of councillors pist and present - History.

Bong! Single mum finds image of @WilsonChowdhry on a slice of toast – Miracle.

Bong! @WilsonChowdhry finds image of @Wesstreeting on a slice of toast – Tantrum.

Bong! West Field United avoid mauling by Lions after being rolled over in mid-week by the Tractor Boys - head for the Premier League – Welcome.

Bong! BHR Trust to be bailed out by bloke with no money! Now that is a Miracle!

Bong! Local Police Sergeant to jump out of plane – mad but charitable.

Bong! Old Speckled Hen banned in clubhouse due to complaint from Mrs Harperson who has never visited before and is unlikely to do so again - FHM

Bong! The collapse of a building in Ilford was due to “Earth Movements and the Pole Shift” – Science

Bong! Concentration of Higgs Boson particles found at Town hall – suggests the Mythical Ilford Postcode IGB may exist after all - Science