Saturday, 28 January 2012


Questions were recently asked at Area 3 about Planning for the Impact of the Olympics on Redbridge.

We have two Games Time Training Venues (GTTVs) in Forest Road - the Redbridge Sports Centre and the Cycling Centre - one at each end.

Concerns have been expressed about incoming traffic seeking to park near Central Line Stations in order to reach Stratford, about access to businesses along Forest Road during Security measures, about impact on local "business-as-usual", and about local transport disruption.

The following are reproduced as seen and are the responsibility of LOCOG and the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA).

Park-and-ride is being provided by First Bus

The two pick-up points are the Herts County Showground at Redbourn next to the M1
and at Lakeside

Book a parking space for up to £30 A DAY (depending on size of vehicle) and allow 2 and a half hours to get to the Olympic Park and find your event

There are a number of sites for Businesses, covering:
Making Deliveries
Receiving Deliveries

and advice on Public Transport
and Road Access

Security for Games Venues is being provided by Group Four _ G4S


  1. The latest "advice" about public transport during the period of this costly junket makes it sound a very good time to be far away from London.

  2. I have recently attended a meeting of NHW Co-ordinators at which the planning of various responses to challenges of the Olympics was raised.

    It seems that Waltham Forest already has Traffic Management Orders proposed that will restrict parking near ALL rail stations in the Borough.

    The reaction of Redbridge seems to be brown-nosing LOCOG and placing heads firmly in sand.

    Also, it couldn't be long before there would be a scam related to the Olympics. Criminal Gangs are renting out parking spaces on people's house frontages - the problem being that the criminals do not own the property. So beware in case you find a strange vehicle parked in your driveway!!

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  4. The following arrived in my Inbox:

    "The London 2012 Games are fast approaching and the city will inevitably be a lot busier than usual at that time.

    As some journeys and locations will be affected at certain times, a new Get Ahead of the Games website has been launched, to help you to avoid travel hotspots. This has:
    . An interactive map showing the impact on travel
    •Details of key affected stations
    •Information on the Games lanes, the Olympic Route Network (ORN), the Paralympic Road Network (PRN) and how road restrictions may affect you
    •Days and times of events
    •Travel tips to help you get around in London
    For more information, visit "