Saturday, 21 January 2012


Please can everyone continue to be vigilant and if you see anything suspicious please report it to Police immediately using the new 101 number. Redbridge is still experiencing burglaries that take place in the daytime and early evenings; although the figures are down from last year's figures, we must not become complacent. Please ensure that all doors and external entrances are securely locked and if you have an alarm please put it on when you leave your property.

If you see any recurrence of vans or vehicles patrolling your areas over several days and acting suspiciously then it is advisable to call 101 and give the registration numbers to Police. Many officers are out and about but you are our eyes and ears and your information has been invaluable through recent times, so your assistance at this time would be helpful.

Full descriptions of youths that cause AntiSocialBehaviour are also required, along with information on some robberies that have taken place recently which have been particularly unpleasant for the victim. Please advise all young people that they should exercise some caution when using their phones in public. If anyone sees anything relating to robberies then please report it and remember your do not have to give your name to Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111; by calling anonymously and giving us full details this may prevent this crime from happening to someone else. Sometimes we only need a piece to the puzzle!

Please remember you can also send information to your Safer Neighbourhood Team click! or the Borough Watch Manager Click!.

Please be assured that the Police and Neighbourhood Watches are doing all that we can but your assistance at this time would be most helpful.

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