Thursday, 20 December 2012

"Action Fraud" Scam

Police have received reports from people who have been contacted by fraudsters claiming to be from Action Fraud

Action Fraud is the UK’s national fraud reporting centre where consumers can report if they have been scammed or defrauded.

Conmen frequently impersonate officials in an attempt to convince people that their offer is genuine. We are aware of a recent scam where fraudsters impersonate an Action Fraud representative to trick people into sending money.

The caller states that they are from Action Fraud and that the person they are calling is entitled to compensation from a recent incident. The scammer then asks for money to be sent via a Ukash voucher in order to process the compensation claim. The amount asked for is usually in the range of £200 to £400.

Action Fraud is warning people not to pay these bogus telephone callers; there is no way to retrieve Ukash payments as they are in effect cash transactions. This is a scam. You will lose your money.

Action Fraud is in no way affiliated with these scammers and would never under any circumstances be involved in processing claims for compensation. The genuine Action Fraud is the UK’s national fraud reporting centre where consumers can report if they have been scammed or defrauded.

You can report fraud online using Action Fraud’s reporting service.

There is also a resurgence of the scam in which thieves impersonating Police Officers phone to arrange for Credit Cards and PINs to be collected as part of a Fraud Investigation.

NEVER give a stranger your Credit Card details in this way. Genuine Police would never ask you to do this.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012


The council is running a quiz.   You can enter by answering correctly a simple question.
First prize is a Burger King with the Leader.   Second prize is a Burger King with both the Leader and Deputy Leader.
Here is the question:
Who will be in the cabinet next week, and which portfolio will each cabinet member have?

Tuesday, 4 December 2012



I recently used this word on the Redbridge i Forum to describe - er - SCUM.   The over-sensitive website automarically removed the word.   So I spelled it out in the next post - and the post was removed  by a self-styled "moderator".


Wednesday, 14 November 2012

National Consumer Week - SAY NO TO COLD CALLERS

National Consumer Week 2012 is taking place this week and the theme this year is 'cold calling -don't buy it'. As seen on national television, Trading Standards are urging homeowners to download a no cold calling 'super sign' to help them stay safe from cold calling doorstep traders. . .
. . The Campaign has the support of Gloria Hunniford and Martin Lewis. The aim is to empower the most vulnerable consumers to say no to cold calling doorstep traders and stay safe in their homes. . .
You can download a printable PDF file Click here or click on the image below to open it so that you can print it and display it in a window in your porch or near your front door.
. . The full press blurb: Click here

Monday, 8 October 2012

Crime Challenge from MOPAC - London Mayor's Office for Policing And Crime

This Presentation has come from Boris's office and gives useful comparisons across all London Boroughs. Redbridge has similar demographics to Enfield and to Hillingdon, so these are the Boroughs with which Redbridge is often compared.
The Presentation is a PDF file so you will need Acrobat Reader to open it. It has been uploaded to Google Docs and can be downloaded from here Click!

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Redbridge Police Give out Balloons and Advice at Neighbourhood Watch Meeting

To draw residents’ attention to home security, Operation Castle is Redbridge Police’s current anti-burglary campaign. It is a two pronged attack to proactively target offenders and to get residents on board by showing them how they can help protect their property and make it unattractive to burglars.
An open window is like a magnet to an opportunist burglar and may invalidate your insurance cover. Window locks make it far more difficult for a burglar to open the window. Burglars will look for the easiest way to gain access to a property and an open window is just that.
In the last week the Volunteer Police Cadets have assisted the Burglary Squad by patrolling on the borough looking for open windows and doors. The Cadets then approached each home and placed a balloon with a crime prevention advice label attached to it through the opening. By doing so, the Cadets were raising the householder’s awareness that if the Police could insert a balloon, then the same opening could provide an opportunity for burglars.
Redbridge Police’s home security advice for residents is as follows:
•Make sure you close all windows and install window locks especially when you go out.
•Close your front and rear doors and make sure they are locked and secure
•uPVC doors need double locking so make sure you lift the handle engage the locking mechanism and turn the key in the lock to double lock it!!
•Avoid leaving valuables on display or near windows - including car keys
•Use timer switches to activate lights when it begins to get dark. This will give the impression someone is home.
•If you have a garage, put your car in it.
•Install a visible burglar alarm - make thieves think twice
•Make sure your rear garden is secure - no ladders or steps left insecure in your garden
•Use a UV pen to mark your property
•If you have an iPad, iPod or iPhone download a free app called Find my iPhone which uses technology to assist police in tracing stolen property.
•Register your valuables at
For further crime prevention advice please contact your local Safer Neighbourhood Team or visit
If you have any information about stolen property please call 101 or Redbridge Burglary Squad on 020 8345 2610 (answer phone) or

Wednesday, 12 September 2012


Engineering works are planned on the Central line at the end of October and the beginning of November this year. These works will take place over a 12-day period, including weekdays, and may therefore affect journeys to work and school. The works will affect, in particular, the stations between Grange Hill and Newbury Park.
TfL need to carry out ballast and track replacement work, improve drainage and do work on points and crossings on the Central line ‘loop’. TfL have looked at a number of options for how best to carry out this work, including both using a series of weekend closures or alternatively implementing a single, longer block closure.
It has been concluded that it will cause less disruption to residents, businesses and other users if TfL do all of the necessary work in one block, particularly so if the closure is timed to coincide with the school half term holidays as far as possible.
• There will be no Underground service between Grange Hill and Newbury Park stations, for 12 days from Wednesday 24 October until Sunday 4 November
• This closure will be extended to cover the whole of the Central line loop (i.e. between Leytonstone and Woodford via Hainault) on the weekends of 27/28 October and 3/4 November
A single long closure will allow the work to be carried out more efficiently and significantly reduces the total number of days of closure needed to complete the project.
We sure hope so!
If you click on the image below it will be easier to read and you can print it.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The Little Book of Big Scams

Three weeks ago the "Little Book of Big Scams" was launched by Esther Rantzen and the Met Police Commissioner in conjunction with anti-fraud agencies. It lists several scams and gives you tips on how you can prevent becoming victims to such crimes. It includes advice on identity fraud, scam mail, door to door scams, banking and payment scams, mobile phone and internet scams; it even gives advice on dating and romance scams! Please have a look at it, you can find the internet article launching it here and at the top of the page there is a link to the pdf version of the document itself. A word of caution about printing it as it is 48 pages of full colour, A4 size and takes about 10 minutes to print one copy.

Monday, 23 April 2012

Academies, a view from the inside ...

At the recent hustings for the GLA elections hosted by Barkingside 21 we heard several comments from the panel in favour of the Academy system - and none against. Here is a view from the other side of the fence - from one of the 'customers'.

Jamie is a 14 year old pupil at a Technical High School that has been converted to an Academy. His views on the change appeared in another blog recently and I'm indebted to Jamie for permission to publish them here.

... Since becoming an Academy (not state owned) about 20 teachers have left for pay reasons and just general treatment. Now we are dwindling with some teachers not knowing where the sun is, and some cover teachers that can't find our work.. Despite being literally in front of them!!

My Generation are the future (sadly)! If the goverment do not start funding employment and education rather than cutting the whole lot, there will be no future and the majority of the population will be a waste of space!

A lot of people want to work like (another member of the forum who is 4 times Jamie's age and is having stress problems at work after a period of long term illness) and try there hardest to! But companies put obstacles in the way and it just becomes not feasible not to mention the stress and health issues, it's just ridicolous when all you are doing is trying to make a living! After working for half your life, you then get to retire to sod all pension having payed out most of your salary to taxes.
And here is another, more recent comment:
So time is still going.. 3 Months until the tech block etc goes and not just that, but a teacher.. Who has 'Only' been there 13 years, has pretty much been told 'Your not needed anymore, bub!' But he said to me "Well, If people don't think kids these days need these skills physcially such as woodwork etc, then I will be rich as a 'Handyman"..

The remnants of it's past as a technical high are fading..

Thank GOD, Next year is my last!

That school's history will stop there after 58 years..

Perhaps it is time for the politicians to consult the real education experts? - those at the sharp end

No wonder we're in the s**t!

WHO IS THE ODD MAN OUT - and more importantly - WHY??
    Lord Stevenson: FORMER chairman, HBOS 
    Sir Fred Goodwin: FORMER chief executive, RBS 
    Andy Hornby: FORMER chief executive, HBOS 
    Sir Tom McKillop: FORMER chairman, RBS 
    John McFall MP: FORMER chairman of Treasury Select Committee 
    Alastair Darling: FORMER Chancellor of the Exchequer 
    Gordon Brown: FORMER Prime Minister and former Chancellor of the Exchequer 
    Sir Terry Wogan: FORMER presenter of Radio 2's Breakfast Show
    IF you're thinking Sir Terry Wogan, 
    THEN you're right.
    However, the reason may surprise you... 
    Terry Wogan is the only one out of this motley crew who actually holds ANY formal banking qualification. 
    Worrying, isn’t it!

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Spot the Difference

As it appeared on Tuesday 21st

As amended on Wednesday 22nd
I wonder which local Public Transport Enthusiast and Guardian reader put them right?

WikiCache and current.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Tuesday, 7 February 2012


From the desk of the Borough Commander - DCS Sue Williams:

Helping and protecting people is one of the reasons police officers joined the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS). No crime is routine and any crime can be traumatic for a victim.

A key part of Total Policing launches today across the MPS with a new intensified focus on looking after victims. Total Victim Care is about putting victims at the forefront of everything the MPS and Redbridge Police do and dealing with all victims in a consistent way. It is also about dealing with victims in a way in which you or a loved one would want to be treated.

Total Victim Care is a top priority for both the MPS and Redbridge Police and from today

• Victim Care Cards will be given to every victim of crime. This gives the victim a clear idea of what they can expect during the investigation of their crime.
• There will be a new Quality Call Back process to support victims of crime and
• Improved victim letters will be sent out to victims of crime.

Redbridge Police will identify any victim of crime who is vulnerable and, along with those under 17 years of age, they will receive an enhanced level of contact. Total Victim Care at Redbridge will be the responsibility of the investigating officer who will support the victim through the investigation.

To enhance Total Victim Care and speed up contact between investigating officers and victims of crime, Redbridge Police will encourage the use of email. The email address that you can use to contact Redbridge Police is here.

For further information by phone, contact the MANAGEMENT SUPPORT UNIT 020 8345 2706

Saturday, 4 February 2012

This is the Parish 9 o’clock News

Bong! B21 to compile a heritage walk: memories of councillors pist and present - History.

Bong! Single mum finds image of @WilsonChowdhry on a slice of toast – Miracle.

Bong! @WilsonChowdhry finds image of @Wesstreeting on a slice of toast – Tantrum.

Bong! West Field United avoid mauling by Lions after being rolled over in mid-week by the Tractor Boys - head for the Premier League – Welcome.

Bong! BHR Trust to be bailed out by bloke with no money! Now that is a Miracle!

Bong! Local Police Sergeant to jump out of plane – mad but charitable.

Bong! Old Speckled Hen banned in clubhouse due to complaint from Mrs Harperson who has never visited before and is unlikely to do so again - FHM

Bong! The collapse of a building in Ilford was due to “Earth Movements and the Pole Shift” – Science

Bong! Concentration of Higgs Boson particles found at Town hall – suggests the Mythical Ilford Postcode IGB may exist after all - Science

Saturday, 28 January 2012


Questions were recently asked at Area 3 about Planning for the Impact of the Olympics on Redbridge.

We have two Games Time Training Venues (GTTVs) in Forest Road - the Redbridge Sports Centre and the Cycling Centre - one at each end.

Concerns have been expressed about incoming traffic seeking to park near Central Line Stations in order to reach Stratford, about access to businesses along Forest Road during Security measures, about impact on local "business-as-usual", and about local transport disruption.

The following are reproduced as seen and are the responsibility of LOCOG and the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA).

Park-and-ride is being provided by First Bus

The two pick-up points are the Herts County Showground at Redbourn next to the M1
and at Lakeside

Book a parking space for up to £30 A DAY (depending on size of vehicle) and allow 2 and a half hours to get to the Olympic Park and find your event

There are a number of sites for Businesses, covering:
Making Deliveries
Receiving Deliveries

and advice on Public Transport
and Road Access

Security for Games Venues is being provided by Group Four _ G4S

Saturday, 21 January 2012


Please can everyone continue to be vigilant and if you see anything suspicious please report it to Police immediately using the new 101 number. Redbridge is still experiencing burglaries that take place in the daytime and early evenings; although the figures are down from last year's figures, we must not become complacent. Please ensure that all doors and external entrances are securely locked and if you have an alarm please put it on when you leave your property.

If you see any recurrence of vans or vehicles patrolling your areas over several days and acting suspiciously then it is advisable to call 101 and give the registration numbers to Police. Many officers are out and about but you are our eyes and ears and your information has been invaluable through recent times, so your assistance at this time would be helpful.

Full descriptions of youths that cause AntiSocialBehaviour are also required, along with information on some robberies that have taken place recently which have been particularly unpleasant for the victim. Please advise all young people that they should exercise some caution when using their phones in public. If anyone sees anything relating to robberies then please report it and remember your do not have to give your name to Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111; by calling anonymously and giving us full details this may prevent this crime from happening to someone else. Sometimes we only need a piece to the puzzle!

Please remember you can also send information to your Safer Neighbourhood Team click! or the Borough Watch Manager Click!.

Please be assured that the Police and Neighbourhood Watches are doing all that we can but your assistance at this time would be most helpful.