Monday, 12 December 2011

Olympics Boost for "Tourism" in ILFORD

This made the BBC TV & Radio local London News and also the Daily Mail as here

On the BBC TV News they filmed in the High Road around the Town Hall and "The Mall" (or "The Exchange" if you prefer) and also in and around Valentines Mansion. The Park was described by the reporter as "looking beautiful". One woman, interviewed in the High Road, commented that "It's all the immigrants bringing their families over" (!!).

What features of Ilford would you show "Tourists"?

Sunday, 11 December 2011


The following letter appeared in yesterday's Daily Telegraph:
The report of a wind turbine exploding in the severe weather (December 9) was most apposite during the EU summit. One is an almost useless human invention, about which a lot of hot air is generated, and which explodes under stress. The other is a wind turbine.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

The Lidl supermarket chain is currently consulting fairly widely over a proposal to turn the long disused former Volvo showrooms at 250 Fencepiece Road into a store.
Lidl proposes "replacement of ageing premises with a modern energy efficient building, which will incorporate a Ground Source Heat Pump renewable energy system capable of reducing the building's carbon footprint by 20%."
The development will create up to 30 jobs for local people, as well as regenerating a long-standing vacant site that will be subjected to thorough decontamination.
They also say that deliveries to the site will be limited to a maximum 2 HGVs a day during daytime using a purpose built loading ramp, and that there will benumber on-site parking for 57 cars to avoid parking in nearby residential streets.
Fine - all very friendly. But the car parking provision says quite clearly that they anticipate significant numbers of car-borne customers adding to the alreay existing severe traffic congestion on Fencepiece Road. The proposed development might also sound the death knell for the already difficult trading conditions in the nearby shopping parades - and those currently working there could lose their jobs.