Wednesday, 30 November 2011

TfL Consults - Routes 66, 145, 366 and N8

Bus service proposal: routes 66, 145, 366 and N8


The London bus network is kept under regular review. As part of this, we develop proposals for changes to services.

Why we are consulting
Eastbound buses on routes 66, 145, 366 and N8 currently run in a loop via Redbridge station forecourt to stop outside the station entrance. This gives convenient access to and from the station but the loop can take several minutes depending on the traffic situation.

We are proposing to divert eastbound buses on routes 66, 145, 366 and N8 so that they run directly from Redbridge roundabout to Eastern Avenue without the double run via the forecourt. Route 366 towards Falmouth Gardens would continue to serve the station.

This stopping arrangement was temporarily in place during the construction works at Redbridge roundabout in June. Around 1,200 passengers per day board or alight in the forecourt, of these around 400 interchange from or to the Underground. These passengers would be required to walk a further 150m to or from the station. However some passengers do already continue to walk to this stop when they do not see a bus at the station.

The existing eastbound bus stop "Evanston Gardens (RH)" on Eastern Avenue would be relocated west to be in the lay-by near the station. It will be compliant with accessibility guidelines.

The lay-by already has double red lines as parking restrictions. The new stop will also include a bus shelter adjacent to the fence of the London Underground car park.

We are also proposing to widen the footway outside the shopping parade to 3 metres to improve the area for pedestrians and cyclists.

The final arrangement will see the parking bays slightly relocated and the space for loading extended.

Please see map below which shows a plan of the proposed bus stop and amendments to the footway and the loading and disabled bays on the A12 Eastern Avenue.

The changes to the bus services would be introduced in 2012 subject to comments received and completion of the necessary traffic management works.

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  1. Heaven forbid that TfL should ever make things easier for passengers when, with a mixture of ill will and a devious mind, they can actually make things more difficult.

  2. "Well if you ever plan to motor west
    Just take my way that's the highway that's the best
    Get your kicks on Route 66
    Well it winds from Chicago to L.A.
    More than 2000 miles all the way
    Get your kicks on Route 66"

    Chuck Berry

  3. The subway at this point has recently been identified as one of the most dangerous for assaults in Redbridge - and yet TfL expect people to use it between the buses and a tube station. Let things stay as they are.

    Email your GLA member:

  4. But these changes have neither a positive nor negative impact on the use of the subway as it only affects Eastbound services.

    The situation regarding Westbound services and the subway connection to the tube forms no part of this.

  5. For safety reasons ALL buses should use the forecourt of Redbridge Station - both east- and west-bound.

  6. So, Morris, the subway should be filled in to prevent use/abuse and all the pedestrians from south of the Eastern Avenue who use Redbridge Station should be forced to catch a bus round the Redbridge roundabout to gain access to the station ...

    Meanwhile, all the westbound 66 and 145 bus passengers who do not use Redbridge Station will be up in arms because of the serious delay to their journeys because of the diversion ...

    Presumably, under the safety arrangements proposed by Morris, all eastbound buses will now proceed from Redbridge Station via the Eastern Avenue and Gants Hill roundabout back to the Redbridge roundabout (effectively completing a double loop) to eliminate the (presumably equally dangerous) southbound crossing via the subway ...

    Alternatively, pedestrians wishing to avoid the subway (in either direction) could be advised to use the existing surface crossing provided at the top of Evanston Gardens ...

  7. Don't talk drivel Knowsie. What is required here is a surface crossing. Subways belong, unfortunately, in a more civilised past.

  8. Or maybe a Boris Cable Car to go with our new status as a tourist attraction?

  9. The cable car is an obscene waste of money.

  10. You obviously didn't read my last paragraph, Morris ...