Tuesday, 25 October 2011

How Safe is your Car?



Redbridge as well as many other Boroughs have seen an increase of overnight house burglaries with the target being the vehicle on the driveway. Both high and low value vehicles are being stolen.

Burglars normally use entry to the house by ‘forcing’ the front door open and then finding the car keys nearby; this enables them to steal the car from outside the house.

Many of these crimes could be prevented with some simple steps taken as a precaution. By preventing a crime from taking place is reduces the risk of you becoming a victim!

1. If you have a UPVC exterior door make sure you deadlock it before going to bed. That means lifting the handle up then using the key to lock the door. I know it can be a pain doing it every night but, if you do that, there is a 90% chance they won’t get in

2. If your vehicle is parked on your driveway and you have gates, lock the gates before you go to bed. If you have no gates consider extending a chain across the entrance and padlocking that in place.

3. Most Car shop’s sell a steering wheel lock for about £80……well worth the investment if your car is worth thousands!

4. Hide your car keys in an unusual location. If the thieves don’t find them in the first 30 seconds they normally give up and leave.

5. If you have a burglar alarm fitted where you can isolate the ground floor of your house when you go upstairs to bed USE IT. Most of the victims visited who have this facility have been burgled because they haven’t used it.

We need to be making it as difficult as possible, not as easy as possible if we are to reduce crimes from taking place!


Thursday, 20 October 2011


Halloween and Fireworks Events!

As you may know this is an area where we have a large amount of activity within the Borough. I must remind everyone that it is illegal for persons under the age of 18 years to buy or use fireworks in a public area. If you suspect shops are selling to children under this age then please report to Police. Please take every precaution to ensure safety not only to yourselves but to others around you. Please circulate to families how dangerous fireworks can be and that it is illegal for children to buy or play with fireworks.

It is an offence to:

◦possess adult fireworks (all fireworks except party poppers and sparklers) in a public place by anyone under the age of 18
◦possess category 4 fireworks (professional display fireworks) by anyone other than a fireworks professional
◦it is illegal to supply adult fireworks to those under 18
◦Curfew on the use of adult fireworks between 11pm to 7am


· Bonfire night 12midnight to 7am
· New Years Eve 1am to 7am
· Chinese New Year 1am to 7am
· Diwali night 1am to 7am

Fireworks can be used between 7am and 11pm but you could also commit offences if you were to use them in such a manner as to cause a nuisance.

It is an offence to throw or set off fireworks in any highway, street, thoroughfare or public space.

Hopefully we will have a peaceful and safe time over the next couple of weeks. More information can be found on either the Met Police website or the Redbridge i website.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011


Redbridge Borough Police is the latest Metropolitan Police borough to launch an innovative community messaging service to provide the public with news and information from their local police.

Called Neighbourhood Link, it is a free service that enables local residents, businesses and those who work in the borough to regularly receive information from the police.

Those signing up to Neighbourhood Link will receive emails and text messages about crime and safety in the areas they sign up to.

Through Neighbourhood Link, Safer Neighbourhoods Teams will keep recipients updated with local police activity, crime prevention advice and what they are doing to address community concerns and make Redbridge borough one of the safest boroughs in London.

Redbridge Borough Police Borough Commander, Sue Williams said:

“I’m delighted to launch Neighbourhood Link in Redbridge Borough”

“Feedback from other boroughs using Neighbourhood Link has been extremely positive and I would encourage anyone living, working or visiting Redbridge Borough to sign up to Neighbourhood Link and receive information about local police activity and what we are doing to address community concerns."

Neighbourhood Link will also be used by other Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) units to keep recipients informed in the event of a major incident impacting on London.

In order to receive messages, individuals will need to register their details. Registering is free of charge and will enable the police to send messages relevant to the areas where they live and work.

To register please visit www.neighbourhoodlink.met.police.uk.

Saturday, 8 October 2011


The London Neighbourhood Watch Association (LNWA), the Metropolitan Police, Home Office and the Neighbourhood & Home Watch Network (NHWN) are all anxious that information reaches the "grass roots" so please ensure that AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE in our Borough reads this Newsletter which is also accessible via this website, www.lnwa.net.


Neighbourhood Watch is 30 years old in 2012 and NHWN is hoping to plan something significant to celebrate this milestone. Watch this space!

Next year's Neighbourhood & Home Watch Week will run from 16 - 24 June. The focus will be on the 30th anniversary and being the largest voluntary movement in the UK with particular emphasis on linking with police support volunteers and the Special Constabulary.

NHWN will continue to work with the Big Lunch so if you are planning a lunch to warm up for the Week” (next year's Big Lunch will be on 3 June) do visit the website where you can find all sorts of handy tools and ideas.


The Home Office has released guidance notes and an application process for a £10 million Community Action against Crime Innovation Fund with £5m available this year and a further £5m for 2012/13. The purpose of the Fund is to stimulate creative, new approaches to tackling crime by empowering local groups to develop innovative projects to tackle local community safety problems. For details, go to www.cdf.org.uk/web/guest/crime-innovation-fund

The Home Office is keen to attract applications from grassroots community activists who are not traditional recipients of government grants and also for the voluntary sector to work more closely with Community Safety Partnerships and other statutory agencies to drive, co-design and co-deliver services and community safety projects.

Applications can be made between £1,000 and £15,000 (small grants) and from £15,001 to £50,000 (large grants) in each of the two years. The application process is open and runs until 1 December 2011. Grant panels are locally based and have a rolling allocation process, meaning that grants will be assessed in date order and awarded on a first come first served basis if they meet the criteria. If you plan to apply for a grant, please do so as soon as possible.

Speak with your Neighbourhood Watch Members to identify any areas of work that could benefit from additional funding or new funding. Areas that could secure funding include developing Junior Neighbourhood Watch, developing schemes in new housing developments or alongside residents associations, working with other partners to create schemes in high crime rate areas or with a high population of Black and Minority Ethnic Groups (BME). Visit www.ourwatch.org.uk for some ideas and toolkits.

Speak to your Community Safety Partnership regarding your ideas and to see if they have any ideas you could become involved in.

For further help, contact the Neighbourhood and Home Watch Network (England & Wales) enquiry line on 0116 229 3118 or email: here. If you need assistance on the application process, please contact Community Development Foundation directly by calling 020 7833 1772 (option 3) or email: here.


It’s easy to confuse the replacement cost of your property with its market value. The rebuilding cost is not the same as what you could sell your home for since this price takes into consideration the land and location. Your buildings insurance policy should cover the full cost of rebuilding your home if it were totally destroyed. This includes any outbuildings plus any additional charges that could be incurred in rebuilding, such as demolition costs, architects and surveyors fees and complying with the requirements of local authorities. The value of the land under your home isn't a factor in replacement.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Planning Ahea ....

Does anyone notice a problem for this newly built double "Garage"?