Saturday, 20 August 2011

COMMUNITY SAFETY MEETING - Town Hall, August 11th. 2011

A community meeting, chaired by the Police Borough Commander, Sue Williams, was convened at a few hours notice for Thursday August 11th. at Redbridge Town Hall to discuss the recent civil unrest and its impact in Redbridge. Some of the following information, having been disseminated by e-mail, is a few days out of date.

The general tenor of the meeting was that people were not given sufficient information, particularly regarding safe evacuation, and there were complaints that the Town Centre had been secured at the expense of Ilford Lane.

The Borough Commander gave up the information that Redbridge was not 'on the radar' as regards potential trouble and so Redbridge Police Officers had actually been redeployed to assist in other 'hotspots' leaving Redbridge short-handed.

The Redbridge Safer Communities Partnership (RSCP) [confusingly, there also appears to be a Redbridge Community Safety Partnership, RCSP] would like to take this opportunity to tell you what they have done following this meeting.

• You Said "You wanted more information on what was happening."
• RSCP Have "Put up more information on our ‘Redbridge i’ web pages"
Including information provided by the Police Borough Commander, which can be found here

• You Said "You wanted a community statement published on behalf of the community"
• RSCP Have "Worked with a number of community organisations to write a community statement"
This statement was written and published on ‘Redbridge i’. You can view the statement here
You can also endorse this statement by clicking on the following link:

• You Said "You wanted to see the Youth Bus out engaging with Young People."
• RSCP Have "Arranged for the Youth Bus to be out in a number of different locations initially everyday for both this week and next week with youth workers, youth advisors aged 14 - 17 and PCSO's to engage with Young People and hear their views"
The locations of where the Youth Bus is can be found by clicking on the following link

• You Said "You wanted more work carried out with Young People."
• RSCP Have "We have commissioned the Active Change Foundation to carry out Engagement work with Young People in the Borough"
• You Said "You wanted more work carried out with Young People."
• RSCP Have "We are working with Street Pastors to carry out engagement work with Young People in the Borough who are out late at night"

For further information please visit the ‘Redbridge i’ web pages or Redbridge Police Home Page

Redbridge Police Appeal:

Redbridge Police have put together a list of people they are keen to trace. Residents are asked to see if they recognise any of the faces and give the police any information they have as soon as possible.

The images can be viewed by clicking on the following link

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

"CIVIL UNREST" August 2011- from the Borough Commander

[Advice for the public can be found here]
[Advice for Businesses can be found here]

Update from Borough Commander - Redbridge Borough - Chief Superintendent Sue Williams

Yesterday (Monday 8th. August) Ilford High Road was subject to large scale "copycat" disorder. We received information that there might be an attack on The Exchange Shopping Centre in Ilford. Police were sent to the High Road to increase the presence and reassure the local community.

From 4pm Police observed small groups of young men gathering on the High Road. The small groups merged into larger groups and headed towards the police station and the end of the High Road. This was caught on CCTV and by Police on video. Police stopped and searched many of the youths.

The groups were dispersed by the Police however a number of shop fronts were damaged and shops broken into.

The local community will not tolerate this mindless criminality and we are doing everything in our power to take quick and decisive action to take control of the streets. The targets of this criminal behaviour have been phone shops, sports stores and jewellers.

There have been 10 arrests to date and 3 charged but we would ask the community to bear with us while investigations are underway to identify the suspects. We are currently using CCTV and will ensure all the culprits are brought to justice. Rest assured we will use all means available to identify offenders and deal with them. I have utilized all my resources today to tackle any further disorder should it occur and we will deal with normal policing across the Borough to keep our community safe.

I am encouraging the Business Groups and our Partners to work with us to resolve this situation.

We urge our local communities to join us in condemning the actions of this violent minority and report any information about those responsible to police. Information can be passed to police anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111

Kind Regards
Sue Williams
Borough Commander