Thursday, 14 July 2011


The following is a delivery scam whereby the a householder ends up footing the bill. Please forward to other interested parties.

1) A delivery company drops an expensive item (TV in one of the incidents), to the victim's house.

2) The Victim here is a little surprised that she/he received something they didn't order but takes it in.

3) After a while, another knock on the victim's door by a person saying "Sorry, we dropped an item to your house by accident, we apologise for this mistake, if you don't mind, we'd like to collect the item back",

4) The victim then allows the person to collect the item which seems logical at the time.

5) A large bill/Invoice comes in from whichever company the item was ordered from into the Victim's house asking to pay the amount of the ordered item.

6) The item apparently was ordered by a fraudulent person into the Victim's house (at random), who then collects the item leaving the Victim to pay the bill.

The advice the police give to any person that receives an unordered ("unsolicited") item is to contact the company it came from and ask them to collect it. If however you have taken delivery of an item which you have "given back" and you receive a bill/invoice, please report this to the police using the 101 number. This is a crime know as false representation.

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  1. That is worrying. If neighbours are not in, I have accepted delivery on their behalf and I have never checked the label before the goods are in my house and I have signed the delivery slip. I take the word of the delivery person .
    I did notice that some catalogues invite you to order and say don't pay when you order we will invoice you later. That is obviously inviting this type of fraud.
    There are some clever people out there!
    How do you stay 'neighbourly' and avoid being caught in this scam?