Sunday, 17 July 2011

MET FORWARD - Safer Neighbourhood Teams

The Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA) has for some time been working on the future of Safer Neighbourhood Teams (SNTs):

The purpose of this report is to provide a snap shot of the progress being made to deliver Met Forward Two. Met Forward is the Metropolitan Police Authority’s (MPAs) three year strategic mission outlining the priorities it wants the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) to focus on and key areas of development for the Authority to improve policing in London.

A key commitment in Met Forward was to undertake a Safer Neighbourhoods scrutiny. In Met Forward it was outlined that the MPA would consider whether Safer Neighbourhoods resources are being deployed effectively and ensure maximum impact is being achieved from the investment made. It is possible to condense the MPA scrutiny findings into two key points:

1. Safer Neighbourhoods policing has been a huge success for the MPS. Safer Neighbourhoods teams have brought a change to how Londoners relate to and perceive their local police.

2. A wholesale revision to how Safer Neighbourhoods policing is delivered in wards is not required. Rather a majority of the participants requested the flexibility for borough commanders alongside local authority partners and residents to devise a Safer Neighbourhoods response that best met the needs of their boroughs.

To view the findings in full please visit:
this is pdf for which you will need Acrobat Reader

The MPS also carried out a review of Safer Neighbourhoods teams which focused on what Safer Neighbourhoods teams deliver, the location and structure of the teams and their demand. The findings correspond closely with those of the MPA scrutiny with both highlighting:

 Strong support for the concept of Safer Neighbourhoods;
 A desire for even closer partnership working with local authorities and other strategic partners with improved sharing of intelligence, tasking, service provision, accommodation and procurement; and
 A high demand by boroughs for flexibility within central parameters to deliver ‘Safer’ services (whatever that means).

To read the proposals in full please visit:

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