Saturday, 21 May 2011


A CRIMINAL GANG is approaching bank customers directly at home under the pretence of being a bank courier. They present the customer with a package which they say is their new bank card and ask for the old one back. As you'll appreciate when they open the package they find that it is empty and they are without a bank card. One bank alone has lost over £300k. The victims being targeted are in the main elderly.

A MALE contacted a elderly victim who stated he was called “STEVE” and that he worked for BT. He stated that a friend of the lady had called him using a mobile number reporting the victim's phone as not working. The victim said she did not know that this had happened. The MALE then stated that the problem had been fixed, and kept apologising for the trouble and offered the victim £20 off her next bill. He asked her for her name and address which she gave him and they said goodbye. She then checked the number of the person who he had said called to report the phone as faulty and she realised no one had. She then phoned BT who explained there were no reports of her phone being reported faulty and prompted her to call the police which she did.

The caller withheld his number and had a normal English accent

Please be aware and do not give any information over the phone if you are unsure about your caller, please hang up the phone!

IF YOU HAVE A SATNAV in your vehicle, do not program in your home address. It is believed that Burglars are using this information to target homes with valuable property in them.

THIEVES who have stolen a person's bank cards AND their mobile phone are sending text messages to numbers that are in the Contact List under "Wife", "Hubby", "Mum", "Dad", "Daughter", etc. claiming to have forgotten their Pin number and could they text it back please. It is advisable not to give away the nature of a personal relationship in a phone contact list .... AND don't give away a Pin number!!

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