Friday, 27 May 2011

The Goose and the Gander

Pictured left is the front cover of the most recent edition of Redbridge Life. If you click on the image it will open up the whole edition but BEWARE if you have a download limit - the PDF file is nearly 9Mbits even though it is advertised as 6Mbits here.

Why they need a resolution that could be blown up to cover the entire Town Hall is known only to the Techies at Redbridge-i.

This publication comes under the remit of the Head of Communications who is also responsible for the council website - Redbridge-i.

Now I want you to tell me what you see. I see.....

Text in Different sizes
Text in Different fonts
Text in Different colours
There is even text in white on different colour backgrounds


If fact all the things that are deemed to be BAD MANNERS or SHOUTING, and are banned to the users of the Redbridge-i forum by the Head of "Communications". 

We can't even use the proper English Language word for a female dog without it being automatically removed.

The result is a "forum" that is bland, lifeless, colourless, humourless, expressionless and DULL! It is grey regulation 10 point Arial text enforced with an authoritarianism reminiscent of the Soviet Union. There is no scope for individuality there.

Neither can a user amend or delete their own posts nor delete their own profile ID from the system. Once you register you are trapped forever - there is no way out. But we can say:


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. Not that I miss it but, no delivery of the Redbridge Life here and, reading many passing comments, a lot of Redbridge is not receiving it either. Is it linked with the Yellow Advertiser (ie, do they use the same distribution team), I don't know but, a while ago, I mentioned non-delivery to the redimanager and the paper was duly delivered (once!).
    So, are they monitoring the system? No!
    The only problem is: do they pay somebody for delivery and that 'somebody' laughs?

  3. During the Soviet Era "Pravda", meaning "Truth", was the official newspaper of the Communist Party and "Izvestia", literally "delivered messages" but usually translated as "News", was the official newspaper of the Government.

    Brave humorists used to quip that there was no 'pravda' in "Izvestia" and no 'izvestia' in "Pravda".

    Both publications, now privatised, are still available - in online versions and in English, even!

  4. So a bit like the Daily M and the Daily M?

  5. The comment above @ 28 May 2011 01:19 has been removed due to a complaint from a non-member.

  6. "The comment above @ 28 May 2011 01:19 has been removed due to a complaint from a non-member."

    Blimey! Morris obviously has enemies in high places!

    "A place ... without the jackboot of censorship"

    One can only wonder at what threats were used in this case ...

  7. Precisely knowsie. Has the depliatory head extended its megalomanic tentacles? [I think that last word's spelled correctly....].

  8. Typo! ...... DEPILATORY ......

  9. When Morris writes 'depilatory head', does he mean that the powerful person he is annoying so badly is bald?
    But with tentacles?
    That should restrict the field of possibilities!