Monday, 20 December 2010


Redbridge has been experiencing unusual weather - for the second successive year. We've had SNOW in December - and this year we've had it TWICE so far.

Last week the Meteorological Office forecasts were for snow on Friday, and heavy snow on Saturday. And this time they got it right - spot on, in fact and there was even some for good measure on Thursday! Despite these warnings, Redbridge Council, Essex County Council, and Transport for London (TfL) all appeared oblivious to the threat. The roads in the Barkingside, Clayhall, Fairlop, Grange Hill and Hainault areas of the borough, and those in neighbouring Epping Forest District, were like the proverbial skating rinks and showed no signs of having had preventive treatment of salt and/or grit in response to the warnings. Traffic was either at a standstill, or simply crawled - 45 minutes, for example, to travel from the Tesco traffic lights to Fullwell Cross. Many bus routes were curtailed at various times, and some buses temporarily abandoned on roads like Tomswood Hill.

All this despite assurances from the Transport Secretary, and the London Mayor, that local councils and TfL had ample stocks of salt to be ready for bad weather - weather accurately FORECAST.

Contact was made with Redbridge's Director of Environmental Services to protest about the situation. Remarkably, he claims to have visited Redbridge on Saturday and found ALL the principal roads in excellent condition! Either he was hallucinating very badly, or the Redbridge that he visited must have been the one close to Southampton Docks at the end of the M271.

Welcome to cloud cuckoo land.


  1. Is there a "Master Plan" of which roads in the Borough are supposed to be gritted (and in what circumstances) and is this Plan available e.g. on-line?

  2. The snow is thawing and guess what? - POT HOLES!

  3. Flanders & Swann, Weggis: "It all makes work for the working man to do".

    As to the "master plan" I note that some borough roads are not included at all.

  4. Do you have some kind of special access to the "Master Plan", Weggis?

    That link brings up the following message: The requested document is not available, or you don't have permission to view it.

    Or is this another of those publicly available documents which mysteriously disappear as soon as the public find out about them ...

  5. As for the potholes, if you remember, I told Ian Bond what the solution was at the Barkingside 21 coffee morning a couple of months back - seal all the cracks in the road surface with tar to stop the water getting in which, in freezing conditions, turns to ice, expands and breaks the surface layer away from the underlying structure.

    Anyone seen a man with a tar pot on Redbridge's roads recently ...?

    No? Thought not!