Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Suspect Packages


The newest virus circulating is the UPS/Fed Ex Delivery Failure. You will receive an e-mail from UPS/Fed Ex Service along with a packet number. It will say that they were unable to deliver a package sent to you on such-and-such a date. It then asks you to print out the invoice copy attached.
Pass this warning on to all your PC operators at work and home.
This virus has caused Millions of dollars in damage in the past few days.

Snopes confirms that it is real:

Although it dates back to 2008, it has started recirculating.


  1. So I now have a second reason for not having a printer. Thanks Weggis.

  2. Some day your prints will come!

  3. Is that a cue for a song in council?

  4. Only if they are lining up to take turns!

  5. A slight variation on this is a scam that reappears from time to time involving the delivery of cards through letter-boxes stating that an attempt has been made to deliver a parcel and inviting one to phone a number beginning with 09XX to rearrange a delivery time.

    Do NOT respond!! These numbers are charged at £6 per minute and some are impossible to cut off.

    ICTIS have been working to prevent use of 09XX numbers in this way but there are still some in use.

  6. I don't even use 0870/0871/0844/0845 numbers, although my current plan with BT does not charge for them. I go to a website called "Say no to 0870" and look up the 01 or 02 numbers and use those.

  7. Further to previous comment on 09XX numbers - one has actually turned up in time for Christmas:

    DO NOT phone 0906 6611911 if you get a card through your door.

    If you call and start to hear a recorded message you will already have been billed £315 (yes - that's THREE hundred and fifteen) for the call.

    If you receive one of these cards (from a bogus company called PDS) please contact Royal Mail Fraud on 020 7239 6655.

  8. That service was shut down in December 2005 and the operator fined.
    But the email comes back every year.
    But as well to be on guard for anything similar.
    See Snopes quotes on B21

    Oh, and somebody added a "3" to the original chain email, which was £15. The max rate in the UK is £1.50 per minute.

  9. Even so, it is a scam - and one worthy of warning by our council on their website. [Don't hold your breath].

  10. NeighbourhoodWatcher obviously enjoys wallowing in urban myths but BT don't make it easy for the casual observer to get to the truth.

    BT's current price list extends to a massive 58 sections - but that is only the beginning!

    To start our search, we need to find our way to
    Section 2:Call Charges & Exchange Line Services
    Part 14:National and International Number Group Codes Used for Specialised Services - 09xx Numbers
    Subpart 1: Call Charges

    Here the charges for 09xx numbers are in a list with no less than 4386 entries - of which 2979 are for 090x numbers ...

    ... but, at least, we can find Charge Rate for the 0906 66 Code - it is p0! (I think I should stress here that that is a zero after the 'p' ...)

    To translate this into money, we need to look at
    Section 2:Call Charges & Exchange Line Services
    Part 1:Basic Inland Call Charges
    Subpart 1:Calls Charged By Time Duration - Residential

    where, after locating the 109th entry (of 148) we find:

    p0-Calls to Premium Rate Services cost 127.65p per minute excluding VAT - 149.989p inc VAT.

    It is actually easier to find BT's sale's pitch for these numbers which they rather cheekily describe as Valuecall 09xx, a regulated premium service for customers.

    Hold on, whose customers? Ah, I see: This is BT's Premium Rate Number where your customers pay a higher fee for your service - but no more than £1.50 (inc VAT) per minute from the BT network This is the number for you if you need to generate that extra bit of revenue.

    Given that NHW's 09066 number scrapes in at just 0.011 of a penny below the £1.50 limit, it will be interesting to see if BT remember to update this when the VAT rate goes up to 20% in January ...

    A couple of points to finish: on the subject of Regulation, Please note: Your business needs to be registered with PhonepayPlus, to use a BT 09xx number. (whatever that is!) and, as for that extra bit of revenue, the owner of the number collects 100.98p per minute (ex VAT) ...

  11. For the sake of max. impact for a certain level of succinctness, I might apologise for over-dramatisation - hardly "wallowing".

    The info did come to me via the SNT who may have got it from Trading Standards via the "Bogus Callers" scheme.

    Weggis and Morris pointed out that, regardless of the detail, it is still a timely reminder to be alert, with Christmas approaching, hence the posting of the comment.

  12. I don't mind a bit of wallowing myself! Chocolate, Champagne or veggie soup?
    Veggie soup for me!

  13. I don't mind wallowing either - Ruddles, Adnams, Bichop's Finger, Spitfire......

  14. The problem with over dramatisation is that some people will dismiss it on the basis that it can't possibly be right - after all, if it was, it would be so news worthy that everybody would know about it already without the need to distribute it by chain-email.

    Another problem is that the exaggeration will help the news that it is an - in this case, ancient - urban myth, propagate more widely.

    In fact, these are not really problems in themselves but, human nature being what it is, the real problem is that the important message - that of vigilance - will be overlooked in the process.

    I trust NHW has fed the information on this blog back to the SNT with a request to "be more careful in future" ...

  15. I have not fed it back but I believe that Lisa Cherry has done so.

    I haven't had time yet as I am still wallowing through BT's "Call Charges and Line Services".

  16. See you again in the New Year, then ...

    or after Easter, perhaps ...?

    Better still, take your time and come back with a translation that we can all understand ...!

    (They really are appalling, aren't they?)

  17. By the time the poor chap's finished they'll have brought out an entirely new lot.

  18. Weird, weird, weird, I just received a phone call asking for details of any credit agreement I have and before that some vaguely threatening warnings that I might be unwittingly breaking the law. Not pure English and fast delivery so it did not make much sense and I stopped the conversation in the most polite way. It would not apply anyway since I don't have any credit agreements but I was asked to provide details.
    I was surprised that 1471 returned a number starting with 0845.
    Any idea is this is a scam. (I do have the full number)

  19. On the basis of what you have said, Anne, it sounds to me like an organisation (apparently an official one) set up to assist debtors out of trouble. I have had such calls and, happily, they are irrelevant.

  20. You could do a google search on the number.

  21. Done it. According to google, calls from this number are offering to consolidate debts(if any). (Somebody said they rang the number back and got an answerphone message, which I am not going to do!)
    The woman was pretty intent on frightening you!
    Do you want the number?

  22. Responding to Morris: if the organisation has an official blessing, not good, because the tone was pressing and the implication was that I got myself into trouble.
    If officialdom is involved, they should check the method.