Tuesday, 14 September 2010

An Insult to Any Self-Respecting Pig

with acknowledgement to "Viz" Magazine

I witnessed an incident recently that left the old proverbial "nasty taste in the mouth".

Those that have read "Viz" will know what the two "ladies" depicted were collectively known as. Two of that ilk boarded a 275 bus going towards Barkingside, each with a baby-buggy. (How either of them ever got pregnant is a matter of speculation. It must have been a dark night.)

At almost 4p.m. exactly, the bus reached the "Crown & Crooked Billet", Woodford Bridge, at which stop a man in a wheelchair was waiting to board the bus. The driver duly lowered the ramp, at which the two "Viz Ladies" refused to make space for the wheelchair. One accused the wheelchair user of pretending to be disabled (perhaps understandable in your little world, dear) and one responded to a polite request from the driver to fold the buggy, "Me Mum's not 'ere so I dunno 'ow".

The driver eventually had to apologise profusely to the wheelchair user and suggested he waited for the next bus in 10 minutes time. (The bus had been held at the stop for about 10 minutes while all this was going on.) One of the "Viz Ladies" was still babbling on when the bus got moving about how people had a cheek expecting her to do anything. One of the two got off the bus two stops later.

A lot of people were shaking their heads at this behaviour but no-one said anything, for fear of being verbally abused, but what was perhaps more surprising was a number of passengers who thought that the wheelchair user was unreasonably delaying the bus! Perhaps these people come from a Universe where there is no respect for humanity and disabled people are all treated as beggars. The even-more-mouthy-than-the-other-one was still on the bus at Fullwell Cross, blissfully unaware of how appaling her behaviour had been and full of self-serving indignation at the cheek of people expecting her to move over for someone else.

What a sad little life - and she could learn (but never will) from the dignity in adversity of the wheelchair user. She will have a good laugh about it with her mates, though.

Pig Ignorant? An insult to any self-respecting pig.


  1. That is disgusting behaviour! If I was there I would have attempted to persuade the two ladies to move in and make room for the wheelchair user. Failing that I would have sat on the floor of the bus with my feet on the pavement in protest until something was done about it or the two ladies got off and walked - which at least they can do.

    Why would I have responded in this way? Because I have a 28 year old daughter with Cerebral Palsy who cannot walk and who relies on using her electric wheelchair on public transport. Sadly this kind of incident is not an isolated one! Can you believe it?

    Thank goodness that the majority of the people in our society do empathise with wheelchair users and do understand the difficulties they have getting around.

    One can only live in hope that one day these two ladies get first hand experience of the same thing happening to them and will recall that time when they treated a fellow human being with such contempt!

  2. I can assure you, Mark, that myself and another (elderly) person did make suggestions as to how the buggies could be manoeuvred in order to make room for the wheelchair, but they were having none of it.

    They were the "victims" of other people's unreasonable attitudes (yeah, right), which is how they were brought up and probably why they are socially in the situations that they now are.

  3. Indeed indeed - thanks for trying - Some people!

  4. I happened to spot this story about an indignity suffered by a disabled person on public transport. For interest I Googled "disabled man refused train" and found quite a few hits! Most of the more recent ones were a story about Northern Rail at Manchester.

  5. A sad but increasingly true occurrence these days, I fear. Life in Britain today is cruel and unforgiving. People don't actually CARE anymore - about anything, about anyone.
    I just look for glimmers of humanity to shake off my increasing cynicism.