Friday, 10 September 2010

Award Winning Websites

As you will all know Redbridge Council is rather fond of referring to their award winning website Redbridge-i. Well, Redbridge also seems to be a hotbed of political activity when it comes to award winning blogs, and this one is no exception.

We have just been voted in at number 48 in the Top 50 Non-Aligned blogs in the Total Politics poll, see the side bar>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

So far we, Redbridge, have:

Barkingside 21 (4th Green)
Weggis (11th Green)
Flesh is Grass (14th Green)
Greens Engage (16th Green)
Chadwell Green (24th Green)
Helen Duffett (27th LibDem)
Wes Streeting (86th Labour)
City Hall (Roger Evans) (19th Councillor) (38th Conservative)

So, I thought I'd better add the missing ones into the side bar, plus a few others, and update our logo to something more "appropriate" now that the Redbridge-i Forums are post moderated.
Of course the really interesting bit comes when we find out where those blogs feature, in relation to each other, on the Overall List.

If you know of any other Redbridge Blogs that could be added please let me know.


  1. Well done to all these well-read blogs.
    I am pleased to say that the newly post-moderated rediforum is motivating me to check regularly. Excellent exchanges.
    Many thanks to the contributing councillor who explains things with clarity.

  2. Wha!Hey! Red Eye one above Robert Peston!

    One in the Eye for Economics Gurus.

    One big push next time to overtake Andrew Gilligan!!

  3. One big push..

    Sounds like Labour to me?

  4. the following appeared in the Ilford Recorder this week

    Web-savvy Redbridge Council bosses have been keeping the purse strings tight when it comes to splashing the cash on its website.
    The council spent 180,000 on its new look website 3 years ago.costing each resident ).09 pence
    Thgis makes Redbridge one of the lowest spenders of all the London Boroughs only behind Richmond and Wandsworth.
    That compares favourably with many boroughs inc. neighbouring Barking and Dagenham which cost £335,811 to launch.

    I assume this information came from the council, which conveniently forgot the disatrous
    £120,000 wasted on v2, from a government grant, and guesss where that money came from out of our taxes.And Version 2 wasted the 7.5m views to the forums, the largest engagement of residents certainly in London .It also fails lto mention that the real test of the workability of a council website - the Soctim awards which tests just how well the site works,that Redbridge has not been in the top twenty best sites but Barking has consistently been in the top 3 including being first.From a customers point of view which site would you prefer a site you can use which cost 335,000 or Redbridge which cost 300,000 and is still not right, and dont forget to start with it did not even work with IE 8 which now holds more of the market than any other Browser.
    Smoke spin and outright lies.

  5. Roger Evans has posted nothing on his blog since 1 January 2013.

    Is this the record of the work he has (not!) done since that date?