Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Redbridge Life to Die?

From Media Guardian, hat-tip: Darryl.

The government will confirm a crackdown on council-funded newspapers and magazines this week as it seeks to protect media groups which claim they cost them readers and advertising revenue.

Eric Pickles, the communities and local government secretary, will announce new guidelines ahead of the Conservative party conference this weekend that will effectively ban councils from using taxpayers’ money to produce free papers and magazines, MediaGuardian.co.uk can reveal.

Pickles promised at the start of the summer to ban what he called “weekly town hall Pravdas” in an Observer piece, but the details of tougher guidelines have now been agreed following consultation with the newspaper industry.

Under the new rules, it is understood councils will only be allowed to publish free titles four times a year. They will also have to remove any content which appears to praise the council or endorse the quality of its local services, including quotes from local residents.

And after it was so eloquently defended by councillors at last weeks Area Committee 3 meeting.

Friday, 17 September 2010

Parish Notice

Wilson has been removed from the members list.
His last 3 posts have also been removed.
I asked him not to repeat posts from his own blogs here.
He chose to ignore it.
Links to his blogs remain on the side bar.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

An Insult to Any Self-Respecting Pig

with acknowledgement to "Viz" Magazine

I witnessed an incident recently that left the old proverbial "nasty taste in the mouth".

Those that have read "Viz" will know what the two "ladies" depicted were collectively known as. Two of that ilk boarded a 275 bus going towards Barkingside, each with a baby-buggy. (How either of them ever got pregnant is a matter of speculation. It must have been a dark night.)

At almost 4p.m. exactly, the bus reached the "Crown & Crooked Billet", Woodford Bridge, at which stop a man in a wheelchair was waiting to board the bus. The driver duly lowered the ramp, at which the two "Viz Ladies" refused to make space for the wheelchair. One accused the wheelchair user of pretending to be disabled (perhaps understandable in your little world, dear) and one responded to a polite request from the driver to fold the buggy, "Me Mum's not 'ere so I dunno 'ow".

The driver eventually had to apologise profusely to the wheelchair user and suggested he waited for the next bus in 10 minutes time. (The bus had been held at the stop for about 10 minutes while all this was going on.) One of the "Viz Ladies" was still babbling on when the bus got moving about how people had a cheek expecting her to do anything. One of the two got off the bus two stops later.

A lot of people were shaking their heads at this behaviour but no-one said anything, for fear of being verbally abused, but what was perhaps more surprising was a number of passengers who thought that the wheelchair user was unreasonably delaying the bus! Perhaps these people come from a Universe where there is no respect for humanity and disabled people are all treated as beggars. The even-more-mouthy-than-the-other-one was still on the bus at Fullwell Cross, blissfully unaware of how appaling her behaviour had been and full of self-serving indignation at the cheek of people expecting her to move over for someone else.

What a sad little life - and she could learn (but never will) from the dignity in adversity of the wheelchair user. She will have a good laugh about it with her mates, though.

Pig Ignorant? An insult to any self-respecting pig.

Friday, 10 September 2010

Award Winning Websites

As you will all know Redbridge Council is rather fond of referring to their award winning website Redbridge-i. Well, Redbridge also seems to be a hotbed of political activity when it comes to award winning blogs, and this one is no exception.

We have just been voted in at number 48 in the Top 50 Non-Aligned blogs in the Total Politics poll, see the side bar>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

So far we, Redbridge, have:

Barkingside 21 (4th Green)
Weggis (11th Green)
Flesh is Grass (14th Green)
Greens Engage (16th Green)
Chadwell Green (24th Green)
Helen Duffett (27th LibDem)
Wes Streeting (86th Labour)
City Hall (Roger Evans) (19th Councillor) (38th Conservative)

So, I thought I'd better add the missing ones into the side bar, plus a few others, and update our logo to something more "appropriate" now that the Redbridge-i Forums are post moderated.
Of course the really interesting bit comes when we find out where those blogs feature, in relation to each other, on the Overall List.

If you know of any other Redbridge Blogs that could be added please let me know.

Thursday, 9 September 2010

You Choose Survey

Redbridge Council has now started its Big Conversation on how to make ends meet after the reduction in their grant from Central Government.

What is interesting, as reported by Barkingside 21, and now updated by me is that so far there have been 354 submissions with an average council tax reduction of 4%.

Maximum pain?

Parish Notice

For those members who have more than one blog please try to make sure you have accessed the correct blog before you publish your post - that means you WILSON!

Monday, 6 September 2010

RiV2 forums start afresh

RiV2 public forums have gone post moderation.

And you can start a new thread but not a new theme.

Go see.

Now what shall we talk about?

Thursday, 2 September 2010

The Londonist Website

The Londonist website is looking for local bloggers and websites around London. I have added Redbridge Eye as a local community blog for Redbridge.  You can also follow Londonist on Twitter (@LDN). Highly recommended.