Thursday, 26 August 2010

A Greener Place to Live

Congratulations are in order for the Greenies who have put Redbridge on the blogging map. That wearer of gaudy silk ties, Iain Dale, has begun publishing the Total Politics Best blogs 2010 starting with the Greens and there are four and a half Redbridge blogs in the Top 25.

Up one place at 4th is Barkingside 21.
Our very own Weggis is up to 11th from 19th .
Flesh is Grass, a keen High Street Shopaholic, reappears after a year break at 14th.
And Chadwell Green is a new entry at 24th.

The half blog is Greens Engage, in at 16th, which lists among its members 2 Redbridge residents. The others appear to be from Liverpool.

This of course is just the first list, but as there appears to be little blogging going on locally in the Blue, Red and Yellow corners Redbridge can’t expect much from those lists when they are published. We do though expect Roger Evans to feature in the Top Councillors list as he did last year.

It also appears that this blog is in mix, so somebody must have voted for it ;-) We are in the Non Aligned category.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010


In preparation for a revival of the Redi Forum (Redi3?) I have distilled some of the accumulated knowledge from the internet, and added some of my own

A good forum moderator needs to be calm and needs to be able to stand an arguement without becoming heated.

They need to have a good amount of common sense and they need to be able to handle having harsh words tossed at them.

They cannot go easy on any one member and they must treat all members fairly.

They need to understand their position and not take advantage of it or abuse their powers.
Im my opinion a good mod is like a good umpire.Never leave the game having the players and fans talking more about the umpire than the game

.and if I ever have to delete or censor a post, I always state why so the poster in question knows exactly what the infraction is so that if the poster in question cares to know, and is the sort of poster that made an honest mistake, he or she knows what behavior not to repeat

Someone that doesn't abuse the power that they have.

a good mod is usually factually correct, but a GREAT mod has the humility to admit when he's not

If someone violates your rules or guidelines, there are several options at your disposal. It's important to give a sense of due process by starting with the lightest sanction you feel comfortable with, and if necessary, to escalate methodically. Here are some approaches, as used on The WELL in our software environment, in increasing order of severity. Note that this process is not required in a "moderated" environment where hosts must affirmatively approve all material before it is posted.

And also constantly upgrading your forum and adding new stuff to make your forum more interesting.

Be consistent in how you enforce the rules.

Hopefully this time all the power will NOT be in the hands of Officers, but they will have a Councillor-Moderator as a" judge of last resort"

What about the very early idea of "Community" Moderators- i.e some of the posters to do
service as Moderators, which may open our eyes as to the difficulty of the job (or ease)

Monday, 23 August 2010


Do you know the Transport for London (TfL) definition of a bus running on time? Apparently TfL-speak has it that a bus is on time if it is not more than 2 minutes early, and not more than 5 minutes late. Now - slightly late (2 or 3 minutes) can be understandable; but "on time" if it's early? Consider the following.

A passenger needs to take two buses to get from his home to work. Each route runs every 20 minutes. The two routes meet at a point where his first bus is due to arrive 4 minutes before the second is timed to leave there - 8.02 and 8.06. Sounds reasonable. However, one morning the first arrived 3 minutes late at 8.05, and the second left 2 minutes early at 8.04. He missed his connection despite both buses being "on time" according to TfL.

To any passenger a bus is early if it leaves before the scheduled time, and late if it leaves after. Why should it be different for the crackpot management of TfL?

Friday, 20 August 2010

BBC Asian Network - Guess the Story

Today Wilson Chowdhry appeared on the BBC Asian Network Guess the Story Show with Presenter Nihal and a studio panel that included Sofia Hayat, an Actor and Singer who recently converted from Islam to Christianity. 

Listen to the show which took place in the last 50 minutes of the link below:

More and more British Pakistani Christians are being invited to appear on Mainstream media shows.  This is excellent news, as it allows our community to be recognised.   Many British People are still unaware that Christians exist in Pakistan, we must raise the recognition of our community if we are to tackle the issue of persecution in Pakistan.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Champions League Beckons for Redimanager

On 13 January 2010 16:19 I commented:
Well, she [Redimanager] has overtaken me on the all time list and moved into 5th place. Still just over a hundred to go before she catches Dopeyf. Sometime in May I should think.
I was a bit optimistic.

Of the top 20 contributors to Redbridge-i forums, 12 have not appeared since 9th Feb 2010 or before - at least 6 months.

Top of the pops since that date is Redimanager.

Redimanager – 88
Morris Hickey – 29
Anne Sevant – 12
Julie Bradley – 11
Knowsie – 8
Vfmctax – 7
Weggis – 6
Dopeyf – 6

Redimanager is now just 6 points posts away from overtaking Dopeyf and moving into 4th place to qualify for the Champions League.