Thursday, 29 July 2010

Yet Another "Call Centre" Scam

If you receive a phone call from this number:



It seems that British Gas may have given information on customers' names and addresses to Marketing Companies (as they do if you tick the appropriate box or not), one of which may have then inadvertently allowed unauthorised use of the data. This may have been neither the fault of British Gas nor the authorised user.

These are being used fraudulently to 'chase' British Gas Customers for money that they do not owe. The fraudsters will know your initials, surname and address but will have no details of your account. They may, therefore, ask you to pay an electricity bill when you do not get electricity from B.G.! Bit of a give-away that!

If you have any doubt about your bill and/or receive one of these phone calls, use the Customer Service phone number on your bill

(usually a '0845' number in the top right corner)

NEVER give out personal info and credit card details on the phone, no matter who they say they are

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