Monday, 12 July 2010

The Gravy Train

From the menu at the local Wetherspoons.

A) sausages, chips and beans £2-99
With three award-winning lincolnshire pork sausages.

B) Portion of Chips £1

C) Portion of Baked Beans £1

D = A – B – C = 99p for three award winning lincolnshire pork sausages.

E) sausages and mash £4-99
Three award-winning lincolnshire pork sausages, in a caramelised onion & ale gravy, with peas.

F) Portion of Mash £1

G) Portion of Peas £1

H = E – F – G – D = £2 for Caramelised onion & ale gravy



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  2. You are learning something about what Economists call "pricing mechanisms".

    The £2.99 price is a lure and an advertisement for "value-for-money" meals. The £4.99 is what they can persuade you to pay for what purports to be "quality".

    Next, time, order the £2.99 offering and ask what they would charge for the gravy as an optional extra.

    I hope you are not, by the way, the type of customer that orders a half of beer and a half of lemonade if it works out cheaper than a pint of shandy?