Saturday, 24 July 2010

Club Watch Launch

The following article appeared in the Ilford Recorder of 22nd. July, click on graphic to enlarge. This managed to annoy just about everyone concerned, though Old Parkonians, who hosted the preliminary meeting and did a lot of work to get the scheme off the ground, did get their name mentioned. Chris Chandler, Sergeant i/c Fairlop Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) pointed out to the Recorder :

"The Ilford Recorder (July 22nd) ran the story about Club Watch on page 5, which was at least a prominent position.

Unfortunately despite a comprehensive and carefully prepared press release the article was deficient in a number of respects.

The report gives the impression Club Watch is a Borough wide initiative, which it is not.
It fails to give credit to all the organisations involved, only mentioning three of the six, despite accurate details of all involved having been provided.
It make no reference to the special circumstances of so many clubs co-located in one area.
It makes no mention of Fairlop Ward or Fairlop SNT.
It makes no reference to Neighbourhood Watch or the aims of the Club Watch.
It fails to use any of the quote provided, particularly parts thanking and acknowledging the hard work of those involved."

We did at least get access to a (unpublished) photo, courtesy of the Ilford Recorder:
photo left to right

PCSO Emma Andrews (Fairlop SNT); Steve Wills (Met Police Crime Prevention - att. Redbridge Council); Inspector Dan Carlton (Met Police Redbridge North SNT Cluster); Nicholas Hurst (Chairman Governors, Frenford Clubs); Jason Meads (Area Manager, Powerleague); Mick Foster (Bar Manager, London Marathon site); Sgt. Chris Chandler (Fairlop SNT); some old geezer from Old Parks; PC Adam Taylor (Fairlop SNT); Lisa Cherry (Met Police Redbridge Borough Watch Manager); Will Savill (one of the Duty Managers at Redbridge Sports Centre); Steve Stuckey (Hon Sec. Ilford Wanderers RFC)

This is the first such scheme in the Met Police area and could be a template for others in the Borough and throughout London. A look through a colour version of the A-Z will show how many green spaces there are, each one possibly a cricket, rugby, bowls club. They all share the same problems of thefts from parked cars, vandalism, graffiti, dog fouling, and many more aspects of "anti-social behaviour".


  1. Oh for heaven's sakes, it's the Ilford Recorder. The editor is Chris Carter. What do you expect: accuracy?

  2. Well, Ray, I do not suppose for one moment that he is any less competent than you are.

  3. This is all sort of sports-stuff, isn't it? Thought so. My body doesn't 'do' sport. It gives me an attack of the vapours.

  4. "The vapours"? Wasn't that suffered in Victorian times by old tarts?

  5. Thought they were some 'beat combo' from your youth. ;-)

  6. You are both right but Morris is more accurate here. (MOP - miserable old person... you know, I'm really getting used to that).