Sunday, 18 July 2010

The Big Green Bag Mystery

Is there an undiscovered "black market" in recycling bags?
Are they appearing in large numbers on ebay?
Who would want to nick them?

Last year my father and I were each presented with a Big Green Bag. Now, my collection day is Tuesday and his is Thursday so it was very convenient for us to 'borrow' each other's bags so that we could use both at the same time.

Last year I had my bag taken (stolen?) from outside my front door but, no bother, we could share his. Then, while I was borrowing his, that went missing! but, no bother because ....

This year we were each given a new Big Green Bag. One of those then went missing and, last week, the remaining one went missing from outside my Dad's house!

So, any ideas as to where they are all going?


  1. The bags are quite light when emptied and are subject to be blown away by the wind. This occurs when high volumes of hot air is generated at the Town Hall which rises and brings in cooler air form the forgotten regions like Barkingside. I have personally witnessed several of these being blown down the road last year, but nowadays the operatives do take the trouble to secure the bags once emptied as best they can. A brick should do it.

    On the other hand it could be scallywags putting them out in the road to stop passing motorists who get out only to find their car has been hijacked. This has been quite prevalent lately according to the SNTs.

  2. Point taken about the wind, Weggis, but on the last occasion, Green Bags went missing along a 200 yard stretch of road, including properties with enclosed gardens that would have required a high lift from the wind in order to get the bags over fences and hedges.

    Too many went missing at the same time for it to be just the wind and it seems logical that there was some sort of human intervention.

    I don't know how difficult it is to get the Council to replace them. Any experiences out there?

  3. Well, as it happens, only a few days ago, I was told by a fellow allotmenteer that if you go to the Craven Gardens car park green recycling facilities on Sunday morning, they are keen to give you extra green bags. Worth a visit?

  4. Thanks for the tip, Anne.

    I will have a look next Sunday.

  5. There are 4 council officers employed especially to retrieve Green Bags and they are then exported to Ireland,as affordable homes for Leprechauns

  6. Have you put your name down for one, dopeyf?

  7. That's two! Obviously buy to let.

  8. I can absolutely confirm that you can get new Green Bags at Fullwell Cross car park on Sundays (9a.m. - 3p.m.)

    You fill in a small form with the date, your name and postcode, and how many bags you have taken (I asked for two but no limit was stated)and that's it!

    While I was there, there seemed to be more people collecting bags than dropping off waste, which is probably a good thing, as there is more for the house collections which keeps the service going!

    Thank again for the tip.

  9. Thank you to NeighbourhoodWatcher for confirming such an easy system to obtain enough green bags. I must admit that the green bag collection system is very appreciated by the allotment holders who for whatever reasons are not keen on recycling their weeds on site in a composting area. I see lots of bags being used and that helps keep the site tidy.
    Green fingers firmly crossed that this highly praised and much used facility is not in for the chop in our parsimonious times.