Thursday, 10 June 2010


The Mildmay Neighbourhood Learning Centre are running a training course for Absolute Beginners on Basic Computing and How to get on-line.

So, where does Redbridge Council advertise this?

On the Redbridge-i council website!



  1. I'm not surprised. They're totally obsessed with their view that everybody without exception has access to a computer, and that everybody without exception is capable of using it. What a load of wallies!

  2. our lives are being run by a bunch of twenty years olds now. How tragic and ignorant.

  3. Doubtless, Ray, there were people of our age now who were saying that about us when we were 20. Life goes on.

    I do think though that the assumption that everyone has access to the internet should be challenged whenever possible.

    Information about Neighbourhood Watch matters is often given out as a URL for a website and older people nearly always say "Isn't there a phone number we can use?" The phone number, of course, is on the website!

    We in Neighbourhood Watch are gradually educating the Police and the Council to give out phone numbers as well as website addresses.

  4. Ageism / It also pervades the planning offices of public institutions. Look at the design of Town Centres. Look at the placements (if at all) of public conveniences. These places are designed by 20 year olds (who do Not have even the faintest concept of bladder irregularities amongst older people).

    The problem is, when ‘we’ were in our twenties we would never have been allowed near positions of such power or impact. We would have only been allowed access to the toy-box once we had matured a little and got a better sense of perspective and over-view.