Friday, 11 June 2010


Over on B21 there have been 2 complaints in 2 days about the standard of English in documents from the Council in the public domain (who cares what they do in the privacy of their own offices). There have been numerous cases of errors, Libary, Paki,declere, along with factual errors- for several issues Redbridge Life only went to 10,000 homes (it should have read 100,000), £76million in the Big Conversation,not to mention the Council Gobbledygook

“Of particular note is the new MyNeighbourhood application through which we will create an interactive, ultra local, communications network that links residents to their own communities, and to information provided by the council and other local organisations. This development will enable us to expand the impact of existing resources and learn more about combining new, web-based technologies to enhance information flow and resident interaction”

and this is one of the better examples, I doubt that the author – The Chief Executive knows what this means, yet alone the reader, and if you understand it, you also now know that is has not worked.
Redbridge boasts of the success and high standard of its schools, there is little evidence of it in the public face of Council documents. But the Senior Officers are almost without exception Graduates, and as such you would expect them to impose a degree of literacy on their subordinates. It is clearly apparent that nobody proof reads anything, nobody checks anything and quite often officers are not capable of writing clear concise properly punctuated documents. Senior Officers may consider this to be acceptable, the people that pay for it do not, and worse still, all these documents that are published on Redbridge I are available to be universally ridiculed on the World Wide Web. It is not necessarily the error itself, but the lack of care and interest it shows, and if employees can’t spell properly what else are they doing, what else is hidden.
It is time that the Council had a “Sky” literacy year, closing all the roads to spelling errors, bad punctuation, and gobbledygook, for the duration. It can be done with care, and the WILL of senior officers.

We will of course help you by quietly and unobtrusively pointing out the errors we find,.


  1. I'm not sure about their maths either - they keep putting an extra "0" on the end of my Council Tax Bill.

  2. dont worry it an error they should be putting it at the front

  3. I think in a nutshell 'MyNeighbourhood links you to local community information from the Council and community groups in your area'. Better?

  4. Weggis about that extra 0, it must be the Mansion tax being introduced on the sly at Weggis Towers