Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Car Crime

I thought I would warn people who maybe didn't know already, that my car was broken into on Wanstead Park Road yesterday during the day.  Fortunately nothing has been stolen because I don't leave stuff in my car but I gather there have been quite a few car break ins along this road and would warn anyone parking there to be careful.  The person who broke in clearly smashed the front passenger window and leant in to check the glove compartment and the arm rest storage area but didn't unlock the car or get in.  They may have been disturbed by someone.


  1. It is so sad that someone did this much damage to your car for no reason. These people are senseless morons. It should have been obvious that anyone who does not leave property visible on seats is unlikely to leave valuables in the car.

    A neighbour of mine had her car stolen having left the keys in the ignition while she opened the garage door. It was that quick.

    I hope, Jesse, that you reported the incident to your Safer Neighbourhood Team. If there is a pattern to these robberies then they should be keeping a look out for suspicious persons.

  2. Thank you, I reported it to the police as part of the insurance claim for the glass but still it's really annoying.

  3. Hmmm even AA security couldn't stop this one. Followed all the rules I just got unlucky.