Sunday, 16 May 2010

Show Time

Preparations are underway to relay Full Council meetings to the overspill crowd outside the Town Hall. It’s cheaper than a webcam. The cuts start here!

Rumour has it that there will be a new local political alignment called The Redbridge Alliance made up of Condemsoclibmarxistreformists. This will be a progressive movement, apparently, which will introduce PR [Proportional Responsibility] immediately, i.e. sharing the blame by proportion of vote share – not on them you understand, but on those who voted!


  1. Looks to me as though the Meeting is being held outside

    "Thats the Way to do it"

    But who is the Hangman and the Devil?

  2. It's not that well-known mother and son is it?

  3. I've just noticed that last November the Council changed the rules such that the Council Leader is elected at the same meeting as the Mayor. That's this Thursday, 20th May.

  4. The rules were changed, I believe, by the recently departed government. Under the new rules the Leader holds office for 4 years, and appoints the cabinet members.

  5. Surely, Redbridge Council is far too PC to allow Punch & Judy (well, outside the Town Hall, at least).

    There's a bit of wife-beating involved, I understand.

    It would, however, be most entertaining if the Council proceedings could be "simulcast" by relay to the Punch & Judy Show.

    As dopeyf has hinted, who would be your choices as to which characters represented which Parties or Councillors? The LibDems would be a good bet for "The Hangman" in a hung council.

  6. Has all the potential to be a serious rival to Channel 5....