Saturday, 8 May 2010

Bad News for West Ham Fans

It is a matter of public knowledge that The Frenford Clubs are in the process of vacating Oakfield (Jack Carter Pavilion) and Cricklefield, in order to occupy the former PLA site in The Drive, Ilford.

News has come out the Spurs Academy are to occupy the Frenford Oakfield site for two years from July 2010.

They are providing their own security which may provide a few surprises for the local community.

Tottenham Hotspur F.C. previously conducted First Team Training at a site in Luxborough Lane, Chigwell. This site is being vacated and the senior players are moving to the yet to be completed Training Centre at Bullsmoor, Enfield (west of the A10 and just south of the M25), thus displacing the Academy temporarily.

Nothing else can thus be built at Oakfield for at least two years and the involvement of a major football club may yet continue into the future as Spurs will leave a lot of infrastructure behind.


  1. As a West Ham fan for more than 60 years I fail to see why this should be bad news for me and those of like minds. If it calls a halt to any likelihood of building development on this wonderful green lung then I for one welcome it unreservedly. And at least it's not the Islington lot muscling in......

  2. It appears that my irony has gone over your head, Morris.

    You are not an American, are you?

    But thanks for reading the blog. Nice to know that there's another Green Street boy out there!

  3. Sorry about that, NHW, yes - it has; and no - I'm not!

    I was a "Green Street boy", as you call it, long before I encountered in 1951 at a certain school a young boy named John Lyall.....

  4. May the "Fourth" be with You!

  5. Weggis - go forth and multiply......

  6. It has been brought to my attention by a member of one of the other two organisations that have leases on sections of Oakfield that, whereas the Frenford Clubs have surrendered their lease on Oakfield, they have been granted a short-term arrangement whereby they continue to have use of the Jack Carter Pavilion (and Hainault & Clayhall Cricket Club continue to have use of the cricket facilities) "until 2013 at least and optionally until 2015".

    They are thus not completely vacating the site at Oakfield even when they move to the PLA site.

  7. Let us hope that the new arrangements for the council will have placed sites like this one very firmly on the "back burner" for land sales.