Tuesday, 2 March 2010

That's Interesting

My RSS feed for Redbridge-i forum topics has just informed me that there is a new post on the

"Private forum for BUG champions".

Of course, it won't let me in to read it to find out what it is all about, it's "private", but the URL tells me it is the "Bicycle Users Group". Another subject that "they" do not want us to discuss in public, or at least on "their" forum.

I wonder if there is a Tricycle Users Group? TUG!


  1. Bicycle Users' Group Gives Everybody Reason
    Over Free Fares???

  2. There could well be a Jag Users' Group Sign?

  3. Jag Users' Group: President A Weingum?

  4. I get the feeling they think everyone is a Moped User Group member

  5. As reported in the Southern Daily Echo:

    Tory councillor Geoffrey Hockley says he'll "be forced to sell" his luxury X-type Jaguar if made to cut a taxpayer-funded perk - a 53p per mile petrol allowance. The 70-year-old retired businessman told a meeting of Hampshire county council: "My car is not unbelievably fuel-efficient ... but at my age it is probably the last car I will buy and I wanted it to be a nice one."

    So, there we have, perhaps, a little insight into the mind of Cllr. Weingum - he only "wanted it to be a nice one" (or two)