Wednesday, 10 March 2010


Wilson's post has been pulled, without anaesthetic.

Dear Mr Chowdhry,
When you publish a post on your own blog a link to it appears over there on the right hand side bar ...>>>>>>>>>>>.........>>>>>>>>>>
There is no need to duplicate it here.


  1. Oooops! Just read this now. Please do not remove the King george article it differs to the Chadwell greens article, which has a more local perspective.

  2. Wilson,
    Blogs are niche publications. When successful they develop a style and a unique place on the Internet with a specific readership, as you should know from your BPCA blog.

    Members copying and pasting posts from their own blogs to here is not acceptable. I know I have allowed it in the past but it stops here, please.

    If you wish to post on these issues that is acceptable but please frame it in a way that addresses the audience here: it is admissible to give a summary with a link/referral to your own blog.