Thursday, 11 March 2010

Sore Tooth?

Apparently there has been a public consultation on Urgent Dental Care Treatment for Redbridge PCT. I know of nobody in Redbridge who has heard of this – Have you?

It appears that in future emergency dental care will take place at either Whitechapel or South Hornchurch. Home visits by local practitioners will no longer be funded and only 20 dentists will be providing urgent dental care treatment during opening daytime hours (in-hours service). This severely affects the less mobile.

More details here.

[Post as amended by Redbridge Eye]


  1. That's not where the pain is......

  2. Have you had a preview of Mr Darling's budget?

  3. No - Gordon hasn't told him what to say yet.

  4. I presume you mean that the Clinic in Hainault is thus closing down???? I've not heard of any kind of consultation whatsoever.