Thursday, 11 March 2010

Last Chance for King George

The deadline for the consultation on the North East London Healthcare proposals has been extended to 22nd March. If you have not already fed in your comments please do so. Here.

An additional public meeting has been arranged for people in the Chadwell area, but all residents will be welcome.

The meeting will be held from 19:30 on Thursday 18th March, at Somerville Hall, Somerville Road (opposite First Avenue-A12 end!)

Additionally, on the day the consultation closes there will be a delegation to 10 Downing Street to hand in the petition.

After that there is another protest march on 17th April 2010 from Little Heath Green at 1:15pm to Ilford Town Hall.

[Post as amended by Redbridge Eye]


  1. Strange, given Wilson's green credentials, that he has only given the vaguest of location information, despite throwing his invitation open to all - perhaps he only expect car owners to attend?

    Could it be that 'Green' Wilson doesn't understand the local public transport system?

    Quelle horreur ...!

  2. Probably doesn't use it. Doesn't look quite old enough for his Freedom Pass....

  3. 'All residents will be welcome'. Fair comment from somebody from South Ilford although why there is a North/South divide in Ilford I have no idea!
    How exactly do you check residency?
    I know Wilson wants to be kind and inclusive but he must think before he writes!
    I am sure he can (think, that is!)

  4. Let's be democratic and take a vote on it Anne.

  5. It is God's role to judge. Ours is to nurture wayward children onto the path of righteousness.

  6. Sorry, just read these comment now. If your are thinking of coming public transport details are as follows:

    An 86 Bus can take you from Ilford to the High Road near Chadwell Heath Lane. From here you should obtain a 173 bus to Somerville Road. From here you can walk to the hall.

    Alternatively the 66 Bus Travels along the A12 and stops at Somerville Road from either Gants Hill or Barking.

  7. The nearest points to Barking reached by route 66 are Little Heath, Newbury Park, and Gants Hill - about 3.5, 2.5 and 2 miles respectively from Barking! If you don't know where buses go then you clearly do not use them. Green credentials?

  8. Pedant. Somewhere between Somerville Road and the Moby Dick is the borough boundary, the other side of which is Barking & Dagenham.

  9. Wilson,
    Don't forget to ask me for the signatures to the RedEye petition before you go to number 10.

  10. Why must you persecute me so...?! Morris, let me clarify to you that the Somerville Road Bus stop on the A12 is in Barking...? Although Somerville Road is in Redbridge that part of the A12 is in Barking and managed by TFL. a further 10 yards up the road towards the Moby Dick bus stop you are fully in Barking and Dagenham and all roads off the A12 from there on are in Barking and Dagenham? The bus goes through Barking to Romford (LB Havering). I am sure you knew this being that you are a former Leader of the Council and I thank you for the most humourous comment. Bright Green - thats me!

    Weggis could you make it, that I receive notifications on comments that relate to stories I post...?

  11. No! But you can.
    You just click on the button that says "subscribe by email" just below the comment box on a specific post. It does exactly what it says on the tin!!

  12. I do not dispute that points on the A12 are in the LONDON BOROUGH of Barking & Dagenham - a borough that proudly takes its name from two very old towns. But the A12 does not serve the PLACE (ie the TOWN) called Barking.

    It is not a matter of "persecution" - but of factual accuracy (ie that which causes Weggis to use the word "pedant" in a way that some might deem to be insulting).

  13. I must side with Morris here and, in all honesty, cannot understand what on earth Wilson is on about. For somebody who wishes to attract people to his meeting who are not familiar with the area, giving completely false geographical information is ludicrous (the area that Wilson refers to was never in Barking, though some of it was part of the old borough of Dagenham ...)

    Wilson could have served his cause much better by linking to an accurate map then possibly supplementing it with links to public transport information for people coming from the south/south west of the borough and those coming from the north/north west.

    Or how about this map which summarises the lot?

    Yours Faithfully
    Seven Kings

  14. If Wilson really really wants to go into politics, he cannot afford to be offended so easily.
    Whenever I have observed Wilson speaking at council meetings he is extremely confident (if he was not so sensitive I would hazard 'overconfident', but I will refrain!). He often exits as soon as he has made his point. I stay to the end and, do politicians tease one another!
    I was told that this bantering is absolutely acceptable in the political scene.

  15. Knowsie wrote at 11 March 2010 21:43
    "..he has only given the vaguest of location information, despite throwing his invitation open to all.."

    I note the absence of any similar comments on the B21 site. But I'm sure the editor will have taken due notice.

  16. Morris @ 17 March 2010 17:12
    Pedantry is a dark art that can, as you have demonstrated elsewhere, have great benefit when used in good spirit.

  17. I do not practise or admire "dark arts". That is why I detest Peter Mandelson.

  18. Weggis said: "... I note the absence of any similar comments on the B21 site ..."

    ... hardly a fair comparison ...?

    ... The location of Barkingside is well known, I believe (as is the real town of Barking!) and Fullwell Cross and it's library are very easy to find. Somerville Hall is not in the same league and, whilst Chadwell Heath is easy to find, the hall is hardly in the town centre ...

    ... It might be interesting to go to Chadwell Heath and ask a few people ...

  19. knowsie said "... It might be interesting to go to Chadwell Heath and ask a few people ..."

    I don't believe this! I got off an 86 bus at the stop near the junction with Chadwell Heath Lane this evening, fully intending to ask some of the waiting passengers if they could direct me to Somerville Hall ...

    ... some people, of course, boarded the 86, then a 173 turned up behind the 86 and several people went for that, then others made a dash for a 62 which was approaching behind that ...!

    ... Suddenly, for the first ever at that stop at that time of night, I was completely on my own!

    I walked towards the junction - nobody in sight, nobody using the ATM at Barclay's Bank - and crossed the High Road on my way to the Eva Hart and didn't encounter another soul!

    Inside the pub, I bumped into a couple of friends who've lived with about 100 metres of the High Road for years. "Ah! Can you tell me where Somerville Hall is?" I asked ...

    ... two heads shook slowly from side to side ...

    ... "Well, we've heard of it ..."

  20. Did you forget to put your trousers on?

  21. Blimey! It might have been a bit milder this week but not that mild!

    (You may have cause to regret that comment later in the year ...!)

  22. Oh No! Oh no, no, no, no, No!

    I see Wilson's meeting had a full house despite his lack of suitable directions. Or maybe it was the Map links you posted above Knowsie?

  23. Well, praise when praise is due!
    Well done to Wilson and what a hot topic the issue of A&E at King George's!
    I hope the voice of so many people will be heard by the few people in charge of democracy.

  24. Weggis said: "... maybe it was the Map links you posted above Knowsie?

    Oh dear! Have I done something wrong ...?

  25. Hi all,

    I have just read your comments today and am well pleased that you have taken such an interest in my work. Thank you for all your help and advice I have duly taken note of all of them.

    Perhaps I should reduce the use of exclamation marks when I write, as I was only jesting when I spoke of persecution...however, I am almost sure, most of you knew that already.

    The meeting hall was packed to the rafters with People from Chadwell and Seven Kings. These are areas that all received a letter from me and residents in the area will no doubt have been more than aware of where the hall is. I must agree with Knowsie’s comments that public awareness of the hall is limited to local people and his assistance with the map is much appreciated. It is a shame however that people from the wider Redbridge area did not come to show support - although many might have ended up being sent away for H&S reasons as chairs were all used up and it was rather crammed in the hall.

    Today I was at King George Hospital and met with Minister of State for Health Services Dr Mike O'Brien. He has confirmed that the decision regarding the proposal will now go to an independent panel - this is good news and a first step towards success with our campaign.

    Thank you all!

  26. So you met with the Minister. Did he find time in his busy schedule to meet with Mike Gapes, Margaret Hodge, Lee Scott and Keith Prince all of whom, I believe, were also there?

  27. There's a picture on the Ilford Recorder confirming your attendance list with the addition of Loraine Sladden.