Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Something for your Valentine ...

As you may well have read elsewhere in this blog, I've been warned off using the facility so kindly provided by our friends over at Red-i. It also occurs to me that, as the years roll by, it gets increasingly more difficult to track down that special little something to get the message across to your Valentine every year, so I've tracked down a couple of novel suggestions ...


  1. I've tried twice to post the following message: "LOL to Angela, friendly greetings to Anne, Dopeyf and Weggis, and hello to Eddie". Twice it's beem rejected on the grounds that it was not "family friendly" or an expression of love......!!!

    Humourless lot.

  2. How thoughtful of you, Knowsie.

  3. LOL, lots of love or laughing out loud?
    Perhaps, the redimanager got the hump?
    As Morris' friendly contribution to my Valentine hoard is likely to be sole as well as unique, I am more than thankful and just as well the alternative red-eye blog allowed me to read it! (Mean official redbridgei website!)
    On the borough wide forums, the Valentine contributions are so horrid that you must be a masochist to read them. (And I do!)