Friday, 12 February 2010

Poet's Day

Once again a really interesting post has been published on the Red-i forum late on a Friday evening such that any reply, debate or discussion will not appear, if at all, until Monday morning.

So why not discuss it here in the meantime?

It was posted on the "Tell us what you think of this site" thread by Dopeyf. Here it is:
It is time that Senior Officers and Councillors realised the failure of V2. The Pledge bank has failed , The whole neighborhood thing is a nonsense, with no activity, as has been said the internet will find its own route around censorship. We are supposed to be in the middle of yet another review (or has that been abandoned?) Let the website at least do something useful, instead of a system of comment nobody uses. The effort spent on My Neighborhood is wasted and the money and time would be better spent on something useful such as NHS Choices web services.
NHS Choices web services allow you to make NHS Choices content available through XML feeds on your website, intranet, widget or application. This means you'll always have up-to-date, trusted NHS content available for your users.

Redbridge's "Innovative Website" is only innovative as far as web technology goes, what users want is innovation directed to people, things like "ask the Leader"- "ask the Chief Executive"-

A unique citizen participation exercise in which young people ‘govern’ a virtual simulation of their borough through an online platform echoing the popular computer game ‘Sim City’ is being used to help shape policy in Croydon Council, E-Government Bulletin has learned.

The Croydon2040 project (, which ran from September to December 2009, allowed teams from 25 schools and colleges around the borough to compete against each other, taking on the role of their local authority and local strategic partnership using an online decision-making tool.

It is time that this council displayed some imagination with this website.
For Anne: P.O.E.T.S = Piss off early tomorrow's Saturday


  1. Oh, how very shocking! In my complete innocence I though P.O.E.T.S was "PUSH off early......"

  2. I am puzzled by the interpretations of the acronym P.O.E.T.S
    Is it something similar to Thanks Goodness It's Friday?
    Morris shocked? I don't believe it for a second!

  3. "Push" was indeed the word used in the unproductive, grammar school fed and intellectually vapid sections of the Civil Service.

    Now, can we discuss the actual subject of the post?

  4. The actual subject of the post. Yes, indeed.

    Redbridge-i is clearly moribund, if not actually dead. As you have highlighted, they have this curious habit of posting a discussion-worthy item late on Friday. They are also adept at posting comments around early to mid morning and then quite clearly not returning to the forums until the following day. The date and time attaching to posts clearly gives the clue to what they do.

    The fact is that since the introduction of RiV2 it has all but died. The sterile "discussion" forums are all but ignored, and the Redimanager staff pay little or no attention to them. The liveliest, most avid contributors have virtually disappeared, and the boring, management-approved discussion topics attract scarcely any interest.

    In the neighbourhood section, where Joe Public can introduce "discussions", Redimanager interferes using the post-moderation facility to suppress criticism, censoring comment in the manner of the KGB/Stasi, and generally disrupting genuine discussion when a raw nerve is touched. The limit on the meighbourhood area is nonsense - some residents will have open space as the majority of their "neighbourhood".

    The council is allegedly strapped for cash - and are proposing some really phillistine cuts like the local history archive service in the libraries. Discontinuing the farce that is Redbridge-i would save money, and be entirely painless. The novelty has largely worn off, and its own staff have killed any shred of remaining interest. Kill it now - put it out of its misery.

  5. R.I.P. Borough Wide Forum (nobody, as far as I know, even noticed the way the Forum was made more relevant to us by altering the heading!). I don't think anybody would care now should it disappear into thin air.
    However, there are bits and pieces in the my neighbourhood which are handy.
    Will I say which ones?

  6. Some very good points there Morris! I'm sure many regular users have noticed the Friday afternoon postings! Pointless! I have virtually given up on even looking in the forum.

    Obviously, the Council needs to have a web presence and provide e-government facilities on their site. The forum is not a forum in any sense as far as I can see.

    The council will shortly be obligated to provide an e-petitions facility on it too - I have some updated news (steady! don't get your hopes up!) on the progress of the e-petitions, which I shall post on the RBCF. The main problem seems to be that the local authority is hell bent on continuing to stiffle any meaningful engagement with the people it serves, via the e-government website.

    I guess things will eventually take their course - probably we'll see an announcement stating that because of the under use of their award winning website by the public, they are dropping the forum facility! Phah!

    If you're all wondering where I've been lately - I'm sure you were ;) I've just embarked on my Post Graduate Dyslexia Course - a distance learning course. I'm off on a residential next week! oh joy! Let's hope they provide real ale with lunch!

    "Red-i 2 is dead! - Long live Redbridge Eye" - and all other blogs and forums run for the people by the people!

  7. Dopeyf's Friday comment seems, together with the (amended title) thread to have DISAPPEARED from the forums!! It can still be found, however, by searching either "Dopeyf" or "What I think of this forum".

    Classic Deadbridge censorship - utterly bizarre.

  8. Yes I noticed that, and decided that there must be a new box to tick for our star rating process.
    I wonder how much money has been spent? wasted on banners and advertising on "your neighborhood" money which was refused to advertise the original forums!! Which achieved 7.5million views despite the council.

    Now would be an ideal time to emulate the Croydon "Sim City" exercise just prior to an Election, and throw the thing open to teams all over the borough not just schools, Officers and prospective Councillors might actually learn something, if only they listened, or is that whistling in the wind?

  9. Rather than everyone complaining about what we CANNOT do with Red i V2, why don't we all decamp to the Redbridge Forums, set up with a lot of hard work by Mark Mason (who is far to modest to blow his own trumpet).

    The Link is over on the right in the grey bit where it says "Links".

  10. Oooops! I think I must have copied the Forum "Folder Title" above instead of the Thread title, "What I think of this site".

  11. Neighborhood, I cannot agree V2 is simply
    "Taxation without Representation", The Council has DELIBERATELY stifled borough wide comment,Officers and Councillors (as our elected representatives) must bear the blame for attempting to silence the not so "Silent Minority" who asked the questions the "Silent Majority wanted answered.
    To simply decamp is exactly what they want us to do - to get rid of an annoyance, we should all insist to our local councillors (who will be up for scrutiny on May 6th) that a borough wide forum is set up, complete with an assurance that questions will be answered and not ignored- dodged- referred to the FoI or given meaningless
    spin or censored out.
    It is OUR money they are spending -NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION

  12. Strange - despite Morris and Dopeyf's comments, It still appears (to me) as the most recent post.

    You should find it here ...

  13. Yes, Knowsie. I think that was my fault and they were looking for the "wrong" thread title.

  14. If you start from scratch you can, eventually, get there or you can search as I have indicated. But it HAS disappeared from the browser showing most recent posts in descending order.

  15. Dopey - I did not say or intend to imply that you should abandon and forget all about Red i V2 but clearly it is preventing people starting threads and trying to get issues discussed. So, why not use a forum that is fit for this purpose and is readily available?

    That does not stop anyone continuing to probe and question Red i V2 but you are not really achieving anything at the moment are you?

  16. I'm not sure what problem Morris is having. It's been there every time I've looked and it's still there now - right at the top of the Active Discussions - Latest Posts list - and, as no other post can appear before Monday morning, it should stay there until then!