Saturday, 2 January 2010

Redbridge-i website

Is anyone else having trouble getting the Redbridge-i website up on their browser?

I haven’t been able to get it all day! Just get an unavailable message in the browser!

Very strange!


  1. Yes. It could be down for "maintenance". Like putting in more ways to stop us talking to each other. On the other hand it could be broken? Or it could be a power cut, or the Town Hall has been warped into another dimension, or something?

  2. Normally, the redimanager gives us a warning if there is maintenance to be done. I can remember Morris Hickey saying once not to worry that we would survive!
    However, if somebody relies on the site for any emergency numbers, ooops!
    It might be a delayed millenium bug!

  3. I haven't been able to get it up at all this year.

  4. Never mind, Morris.

    It appears to be a broken link and the most common cause of this on websites is when pages are migrated between servers.

    It is likely that Redbridge-i has a proxy host.

  5. Are you sure that is the correct spelling?

  6. My wife tried to follow a link (from another website) to information on Red-i at lunchtime today, but to no avail (time-out error).

    Just checked and still no-go but, as I said before (on Red-i so, for obvious reasons cannot quote it, beta versions of software are usually development versions which are, specifically, not guaranteed to be stable. Not normally a problem, as users are warned in advance, and advised to use the previous stabe version.

    Beta versions are usually released to allow advanced users to report any problems they experience in advance of the public release.

    So where is the previous, stable version of Red-i? And how, exactly, do we gain access?

  7. Technical info:

    Information Updated: Sat, 2 Jan 2010 22:53:12 UTC

    IP Location: London, United Kingdom
    Website Status: active
    Server Type: Microsoft-IIS/7.0

    Have a look at this site, which lists the DNS servers for
    seems like the site is hosted on virginmedia servers.
    I've pinged servers and they all time out.


  8. After a little bit of digging I reckon it's either of 2 things:

    1. Redbridge forgot to renew the domain name contract with virgin / ntl and it's expired.

    2. Redbridge's own web and mail servers are physically down.

    Either way something unexpected has happened!

  9. Cheers! with no explanations? I did email Angela and the leader this morning! lol

  10. Or just did not pay the phone bill?

  11. Today I received an email from Councillor Prince and the Redi Manager apologising. Strange how this only happend after my referring the matter to the local Wanstead and Woodford Guardian, who are looking into this and other comments and frustrations.

    The Redi manager has also posted a forum topic now! apologising.

    Aparently it was due to equipment failure.
    Guess what? the forum is not open for discussion! And I can't understand why on earth not!

    The forum topic is here