Monday, 4 January 2010

Pioneer Point

Over on the Ilford Forum, the thorny subject of Pioneer Point and Redbridge development in general has burst back into life - have a look here.

Do take a look - I'm sure many of you will have a great deal to contribute to the subject!


  1. It may be helpful if we knew something of the background of "tkane" - does (or did) this person work for the Developers? Or for Redbridge Council?

    See post on this blog - "How Green is My Belt" -

    I believe that the much broader subject of Council policy on Housing Development (of which Pioneer Point is but one example) will be raised as a forum topic on RCF.

  2. I'm quite sure a lot of people would like to know more about tkane!

    He certainly has a lot of information available to him including detailed plans at a very early stage of the process.

    Back in 2005 he was challenged:

    So, are you the architect, the developer or the salesman Huh

    OWN UP !!

    but has never responded (though see later).

    Also from 2005, tkane made this authoritative post:

    I can assure you there will be no changes made to this design. The development will be called Pioneer Point.

    More from the same year:

    However much you're against this project, it will happen and we are confident the majority of Ilford will be in favour of it.

    Note the use of 'we' there ...

    ... No I don't live in Ilford, but did you really expect me to? I don't even live in England! I am based in Geneva, Switzerland. But I am currently in the UK ....

    ... I wouldn't mind living in Ilford if my income would only allow me to live in East london. My salary is not the typical salary a person in Ilford would have, I can pretty much live anywhere I want in the world.

    However, in 2006, he did make this one comment:

    ... when did I ever say i was involved in any way?


  3. If this person is not prepared to clarify his/her connection with project then he/she cannot expect to be taken seriously.

    This could just be a wind-up!

  4. Might I respectfully suggest that
    NeighbourhoodWatcher go back through everything that tkane has ever posted?

    I have neither the time nor the inclination to cross-reference everything he has posted against what was available in the public domain at the time but he has always seemed to be well in advance of that - particularly in the early stages.

    He has never posted on any thread that does not concern Pioneer Point and will disappear from the forum for long lengths of time - years, I think, without checking. Yet if someone rattles his cage, he obviously knows about it will respond.

    Wind-up? I think not!

    Look at all of his posts; ask yourself if a wind-up merchant would go to such lengths to pursue and research so much on this single issue, just for a "wind-up".

    Let us know what conclusion(s) you come up with ...

    ... I think it will take you some time ...