Saturday, 23 January 2010

Ilford in a Parallel Universe ...

I visited TfL's Spot the Difference display in Ilford this afternoon.

If you haven't already been following this story elsewhere, take a look here.

As expected, I found a bus! Ok, a new bus, but nothing really different to any other new bus one finds in Greater London these days. The moquette covering on the seats is a different colour but, as the bus wasn't open for inspection, I've no idea how user friendly it will be for people like me who need plenty of knee room. I don't think, from looking at the way other passengers try to cram themselves into modern bus seating that I'm in a minority either but, as I get older, I find it somewhat painful at times - almost crippling - if my antique knees are rammed up against the hard back of the seat in front.

However, what I did discover is that TfL have discovered another Ilford in a parallel universe which is laid out a little bit differently to the one we know and, possibly, love - take a look here:


Click on graphic for larger image.

Now I have to admit that there is a little disclaimer which says: "The illustration is indicative only and not to scale" but it is clearly indicative that these new buses start in the High Road, then run past Ilford Station, the Town Hall and the Kenneth More Theatre - in that order!

Apart from the impossibility of this, the ELT doesn't run along or pass any of these!

I took one of the TfL staff to task on this - and was directed to the disclaimer! I then challenged the Ilford Station destination on the bus - pointing out that it doesn't go there and terminates at Ilford Hill. TfL tell me that it's only 60 metres away from the station! It has to be around 300m at least but I give up - I don't have a 60m tape measure, let alone a 300 metre one, but if somone wants to measure it, I'd like to know the correct answer.


  1. I was going to ask what numbers 5, 6 and 7 were, but then realised the far right of the graphic was being cut-off. RedEye believes that the far right of any graphic has as much right to be seen as the far left and the middle, so I have re-sized it.

  2. "Indicative"? It's positively barmy! TfL has to be the most absurd and incompetent body ever established.

  3. I noticed that the graphic was clipped but left it as it was because all the relevant information was visible. It's a montage, anyway, as the original is very large indeed - anyone fancy a 50Mb .bmp file?

    An alternative view of the whole map can be seen on this picture of the banner which was hanging next to the bus.

  4. With accuracy like that, no wonder TfL leaves a trail of chaos, mess and desruction in their wake wherever they go.

  5. You can rest assured that I did not use the above map to find Lynton House last Wednesday.