Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Cross Party, muliti-agency demonstration in opposition to loss of A&E at King George!

Image from protest on 21st November 2009 (BBC Report)
Dear All,

Re: NHS proposals to stop A&E Facility at King George Hospital.

The Green Party have arranged a second multi-agency protest against the proposal by Redbridge PCT to remove A&E facility from King George Hospital.

We invite people of all diversties to come and support us for what may turn out to be one of the most important dates in the Redbridge Calendar. We would like leaders from our community to cascade information amongst their groups to encourage more support for the event. We are also looking for speakers from local community groups to address their concerns about the loss of a valuable life-saving facility from our local community or other themic topics.

Event Date: 9th January
Location: Outside Ilford Town Hall
Time: 12:00 - 14:00

The event is non-party political however invites have been sent to all the leading political parties for a cross-party attendance. MP Lee Scott and MP Mike Gapes , leader of Redbridge Council Keith Prince have already agreed to talk at the event and a local pastor from Potters House Christian Fellowship too.

If you intend to join us please make some appropriate banners and placards to increase the impact of the event. There will be a petition to sign.

Please cascade this request through your networks.

Kind regards


Sign our on-line petition here:
Read what the Ilford Recorder said about our on-line petition (here)


  1. Article and photo in the [url=]guardian online[/url] this evening.
    Sorry I coudn't attend.

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  7. I am using this topic as a crutch (so if I need eradicating, please do!)
    The most recent edition of the redbridge life (through the door this morning!) is full of advertisements on behalf of the NHS: lifestyle, health checks, etc, ... Now who is paying for those advertisements? NHS or Redbridge? Does it make any difference to local spending? How closely are the two linked?
    Also, the NHS is advertising a lot on ITV and I would assume giving good money for it. Why not use the BBC for free?

  8. Knowsie, thanks for that helpful little FF toolbar. I wasn't thinking straight at the time, and thought I was in bbcode land, as you pointed out.
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