Friday, 22 January 2010


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Good news for taxpayers in Windsor and Maidenhead this week: the council have announced the largest cut in council tax in Britain - a whopping 4%. You may remember them as the council that has pioneered spending transparency. The cut equates to £41 a year off band D properties, and will be manna from heaven to hard-pressed taxpayers. People across the UK have seen their council tax more than double in the last ten years, and even now when times are tighter than ever we at the TPA have had reports of many councils continuing to increase council tax by the maximum of 4.9%.
David Burbage, the council’s leader, told The Daily Telegraph: “We are showing that council tax can go down as well as up. For too long council tax bills have inexorably risen, and there is no correlation between high council tax and good services. Our council has proved that we can make public services better and cut tax at the same time. There’s a huge amount of waste in the system and we should never forget that it’s taxpayers’ money we are spending.” Wise words indeed, debunking the convenient council myth that any reduction in tax take will lead to public service cuts. The TPA welcomed this move in the national press, and we would like to see other councils follow this example and ease the financial burden on the rest us by cutting their bloated administrations and focussing on providing better value for money instead of simply empire building.

In the light of this I think we are entitled to ask our highly paid Chief Executive and his highly paid management board, precisely why they cannot deliver exactly what Officers have achieved in Windsor and Maidenhead

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