Friday, 8 January 2010

10 pence for a leisure walk

66_medium_1241083386 Press Release number 797 on the Redbridge website states that parking charges for council parks will start at just 10 pence for the first hour so that local leisure users can enjoy the facilities virtually free whilst commuters will have to pay more for up to three hours per day.

Here’s the press release.

Thanks Councillor Prince! Good move!


  1. That's half the projected price of "taking the pee" at the still awaited toilet at Fullwell Cross.

  2. Sorry, Mark, I didn't think that you were that gullible!

    An hour in a many parks isn't very long so, you have 60 minutes to explore Valentines Park for ten pence. Not very long, is it?

    How much for sixty one minutes? The press release doesn't say! We know it will be a sum between £0.11 and £3.00 - but, exactly, how much?

    How much for two hours (a not unreasonable time to spend in a park)?

    I bet you it will be a lot nearer to £3.00 than £0.11!

  3. Yes, indeed - an hour would not be long enough for a tennis match, a game of bowls, or cricket, or football. Sports clubs pay for the use of the playing areas anyway so how much extra will it be to park cars? Not very well thought through.

  4. Knowsie - how gullable did you think I was? lol
    Fair do's - at least this post gives a chance for comment!

    There I go thinking of myself again!