Sunday, 27 December 2009


Nearly 500 local authorities and associated bodies will be legally required from next year to publish annual pay information including salaries, bonuses, pensions, perks and severance pay-offs.At least 300 chief executives, chief constables and other officials earning more than £150,000 will be named, and their salaries disclosed within a £5,000 band. Authorities will also have to publish information on how many employees they have earning more than £50,000, and give details of their salaries in £5,000 bands, although their names will not be disclosed.

Redbridge appear to have ducked or delayed at least 2 requests from the Taxpayers Alliance to provide this information, prizes for the best excuse they will find to avoid their legal obligation next year.


  1. "Our staff now insist on being paid in Dollars, into an off-shore account!"?

  2. I wonder if Pension Contributions are included in this information?

    Oldies will recall that around twenty years ago there was a "scandal" involving pension fund contributions for senior staff in the Borough that attracted the attention of the Local Government Ombudsman.

    There are many who believe that this "scandal" had a profound effect upon the relationship between Elected Members and Council Officers that is still making waves today (hence the "lack of any acchievement compared with other Boroughs" that was referred to by Councillor Corfield - whom I believe should be congratulated for saying that).

  3. Going back to the "Pension Scandal" of the early 1990s...would you like to know what job our former Chief Executive went on to do?......
    Last seen as an Independent Pensions Advisor to.... Westminster Council. (And that was some years ago).....[Source: Private Eye and others].

  4. Do you have any NEW information Ray? What you describe is at least 14 years old and lasted only a very short time before the arrangement was terminated.