Thursday, 10 December 2009

Save King George Hospital

So, thanks to Dopeyf we now know that Redbridge-i’s “Triple A” rating is a sham via "The Pickards" blog. But we didn’t need to be told that did we? We know that the management of the “Website Hospital” haven’t got a clue how the internet works and the long suffering front line care staff [who do!] just have to get on with it.

And bringing in another favourite topic on this site, the lack of any A&E e-petition facility provided by the “award winning” Redbridge-i site for the way it “engages” with the community, I thought I’d have a look round on the webby to see what freebies are out there.

One of our members, Wilson, has already started one. It’s with i-petitions. But this one allows you to sign twice with the same email address.

I found much more robust. It does not allow the same email address to be used twice and it has word verification to stop spam signatures. It’s a bit slow though. Anyway I’ve put one up there too, just to show them it can be done. Neither of them send an email asking for confirmation like the Number 10 petition website, but hey, we are amateurs. It’s all we’ve got so let’s use it.

Wilson’s petition

RedEye’s petition

Also Wilson has arranged a multi-party, multi-agency Protest on Saturday 9th January 2010, 12:00 – 14:00 in Ilford Town Centre to the fore of Ilford Town Hall. MP Lee Scott has confirmed attendance.

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  1. Incase you missed my recent comment about e-petitions on this site, and the response from Cllr Prince, followed by what I discovered the link is here:

    When will we get e-petitions on RiV2?