Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Redbridge Children's Services "Adequate"

Children’s services in the London Borough of Redbridge perform adequately.

That's the verdict of Ofsted's Comprehensive Area Assessment (CAA) Divisional Manager in the annual rating of Children's Services according to the letter sent to the Director of Redbridge Children's Services on 9th December 2009. A recent unannounced inspection found that the borough needed to improve some key front line services for children in need.The CAA found that difficulties in recruitment and retention; and lack of clarity between agencies over referrals has led to unnecessary stress for some families in the borough.

On the flip-side The letter states that a

"higher than average proportion of primary, secondary, special schools and school sixth forms are good or outstanding".


"Post-16 provision is outstanding in just under a half of school sixth forms".

Although there are some positive points I can't help being very concerned for some vulnerable children in Redbridge. Let's hope next year's CAA report will show a marked improvement.

You can read the letter and all Ofsted reports for Children's Services in Redbridge here:

Inspection reports by provision type in Redbridge local authority

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