Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Recycling Opportunity

Surplus Ethernet (Network) Patch Cords

I have a number of surplus, good quality, Ethernet (Network) patch cables, brand new and unused, which are surplus to requirements.

Rather than throw them away, I would be happy to pass them onto any local school or charity, etc., who might be able to make use of them.

PLEASE NOTE that these are NOT USB cables!


Cat 5 screened patch cable + 2 x RJ45 male connectors
Length: 12 ft (3.7m) approx
Status: Unused in original packaging
colour: Yellow
Manufacturer: FOXCONN
Cisco Part No.: 72-1501-01

If you are interested, please contact me by e-mail, (not PM) giving your details, to this address:

Please include details of the number you might need - I will have to do a bit of digging to track down all the cables I've got!


  1. Do you happen to know who runs this message board, Weggis?

    One assumes they must have a 'Moderator' of some sort?

  2. I've only just registered. It appears to be run by "Nigel R" and is post moderated, like most forums. There are some familiar names on the members list from Red-i. And some who just sound familiar.

  3. oooh-er missus! what's that all about then?

  4. Oh I see - you mean you just found another forum / message board? I've seen this one a long time ago. Think I used it once. Have just re-registered

  5. Yes and with a post exactly the same as the one above!

  6. Ah well! There could be a very good reason for that!

    I thought that I'd keep my Red-i, etcetera, and Ilford forum identities separate - which worked well for a time - but, someone obviously made the connection and registered on the Ilford Forum as me!

    Unfortunately, Red-i wont let me register as ktype (already taken, it says!) and some clown registered on the Ilford Forum as knowsie and caused a bit of confusion! Nigel has blocked the name, so I'm stuck with two names forever, it seems.

    As for Nigel, he doesn't intervene much and, I suspect, moderates mainly on the basis of the 'Report to Moderator'button.

    This can backfire, as some of the 'regulars' (not me, honest!) who've been around for a while, seem to to think it is their own private domain and tend to scare off many new members with hostile responses.

    A mass influx of 'new blood' would be very useful. If everybody here joined weggis
    and me, we could turn it into a very useful resource (sorry, but I hate this blog format that makes it very difficult to follow what is going on!)

  7. Can I, then, assume that nobody here has a use for redundant CAT5 Ethernet Patch Cords?

    Which was the reason for the original post in the first place ...

  8. Knowsie,
    My Redbridge Community Forums has a broader coverage than "Ilford", so might serve a wider community. But obviously it's good to network and try to get a mix of sites.

    I hear that half the problem with forums is that the same users tend to take over the show, which I am really hoping won't happen if my new attempt takes off.

    I only have 7 members so far, including your good self, so I would appreciate spreading the word. I have added some stuff to the site so please pop in regularly to take a look.

    Thanks to Redbridge Eye for adding links here.

  9. I have copied and pasted an extract of a recent contribution by knowsie on the redi forums:[So we paid, whether from a contingency fund or not, we still paid, for a service that Redimanager announced so triumphantly that the only thing missing (thankfully) were the trumpets and the fireworks display from the roof of the Town Hall, yet, when it was needed, it was conspicuous by its absence!]
    I don't know if the strong post will remain in situ, hence the little bit copied for identification.
    Did the original knowsie published this or the newer holder of the name.
    The critical slant is strong and aimed (and still allowed!. Remarkable.

  10. Un deuxième knowsie?

    Quelle horreur!

    C'est moi! C'est moi!

    Sorry, Anne, I couldn't resist that - it must be the festive spirit!

    Perhaps I've caused a bit of confusion here. It is true than another knowsie appeared, briefly, on another forum and attempted, badly, to copy my posting style but obviously not badly enough to prevent others there from thinking it was me!

    I referred the matter to the moderator who reset the name to anonymous and sent a message to the poster explaining the situation and asking him/her to re-register under another name. No surprise that, to this day, no-one knowsie where they went ...

    Anyway, back to the plot!

    I was surprised to find out that my post had already appeared on Red-i - in fact, if it wasn't for Anne's post here, I wouldn't have realised!

    However, having been caught out by the new 2000 character limit with my post about the East London Transit - even after I edited it down to less than 2000 characters, it was still refused and I had to get down to 1850 before I succeeded! - I split my post into two parts. The second part, I notice, has failed to appear ...!

    So, here goes!


    It's nice to know that vfmctax hasn't outgrown his 'winter collection', something that many of the rest of us (myself included) will envy ...

    ... or hasn't succumbed to moth damage (well, he did say it was old!)

    Not so easy for someone with a growing family, though. Last year's severe winter clothing is unlikely to fit this year, whether it was needed last year or not.

    Perhaps vfmctax comes from a family where they are not only clairvoyant but also fortunate enough to be able to plan the sex and intervals between their offspring so that their 'hand-me-downs' are always a perfect fit in those winters which are particularly harsh ...


    A HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all!

  11. Bon, my brain is clear as crystal as far as the double identity of Monsieur Knowsie is concerned!
    I am not surprised the kind regards manager has turned down the diatribe against vfmctax! Or perhaps I am wrong and all is fair on the 'Chosen' foreign topics and the post will appear! Anyway vfmctax can stand his own!
    Beautiful first day of the year. Well done weather.