Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Public v Private

Following on from the previous post about the snow and gritting and the comments on “Redbridge is Ready for Winter” thread on Red-i, I thought I’d let you know that we are not alone.

This evening’s Premiership match between Wigan and Bolton has been postponed. Not because the pitch is unplayable, but because the roads leading to the ground are unwalkable.


  1. Hmm ... not much sign of "censorship" there , as most of the comments are forthright, to say the least.

    However, there are a few new noms-de-plume there so maybe a few 'reprobates' are masquerading under new identities (ho!ho!).

    More seriously, some of the areas referred to may be 'private property' so the Council may tecnically be trespassing if it gritted in certain areas but it does seem ridiculous not to grit pedestrian access to obvious 'public' areas like train stations and parks.

    I live very close to a bus route and these have been kept clear (eventually) so it is possible to get around by car if you know where you are going.

    The standard of driving does not improve unfortunately and this is at the root of our problems "coping" with snow.

  2. NeighbourhoodWatcher is mentioning bus routes and yes the roads are clear but the pavements to get to the bus stops! Not worth taking a chance if you are elderly and brittle-boned.
    And no, my neighourhood is not private at all.
    annesevant, not masquerading, yet!

  3. Hmm ... not much sign of "censorship" there , as most of the comments are forthright, to say the least.

    Just shows how desperate they are for traffic.

  4. How could they be desparate for traffic when there are 27,216 registered members on the Redbridge-i website? Could it be becuase there are 26,757 members who haven't posted anything?

    And (never start a sentence or new para with "and") what about the 8,575 posts in 892 topics in 33 forums? Could it be because 775 topics are archived and not available to the public for comment; 46 topics are open and moderated during office hours only; or the fact that there are only 2 hot topics or that no public forum user can start their own topic.

    Just an observation!

  5. I think they are quite happy to allow lots of complaining comments about the dire state of side roads and pavements because they don't have to do make these safe, only the main bus routes. So, we are allowed to moan freely on the grit forum because they have an answer and they can show how broad-minded they are allowing us a free rein.
    On another slant of moaning, I get fed-up with being 'educated' about how to be safe in my own home, not to trust cold-callers, etc, ... but I had not realised until recently that a pun was made about losing pounds in the gym! So funny!