Thursday, 3 December 2009

Oakfield "Developments"

The above Public Notice appeared in the December 3rd. Edition of the "Ilford Recorder".

There has been publicity recently concerning the Badminton/Netball facility to be built on land adjacent to the railway line within the leased boundaries of Redbridge Sports Centre. The situation regarding the move of the Frenford Clubs from Cricklefield and Oakfield to the former PLA site is also a matter of public record.

Is the proposed disposal of 12.5 acres (in order to build the Badminton/Netball facility) contingent upon the release of other land at Oakfield in order to make up a larger parcel of land and what is the effect on this proposed disposal of any failure to negotiate developments at Cricklefield? (Lord Rowallan et al)

I have e-mailed requesting clarification and would suggest that others do so.


  1. I have not received a response to my e-mail but someone else who did received the following response:

    Thank you for your enquiry regarding the above.

    I can confirm that the land referred to in the Public Notice you mention is currently leased to Redbridge Sports Centre Trust and it could accommodate the proposed new Badminton facility. I attach a plan of the proposed transfer area. This proposed disposal is not contingent on the Council releasing other land at Oakfield. Also it is not dependent on any development at Cricklefields.

    I trust that this clarification assists.

  2. I believe selling Oakfields is the councils alternative to selling allotments sites. Frenford clubs spent a considerable amount of money, through grants, to build the pavilion there just over 10 years ago.

    The site is in use constantly, with two cricket squares (one of which is only 4 years old and put in at a cost of £30,000 via ECB grants), 4 football pitches and numerous functions in the pavilion. The area is also used like a public park by local residents.

    Now it will be demolished for housing and green space will be lost. What a waste.

    After fighting allotment sales, now an area where I have played cricket since a childhood, and later worked at as a groundsman is being lost instead. You just cannot win.

    I appreciate the pressure for new housing but what kind of message is this sending out to the young generation growing up in Redbridge today, who are in constant threat of losing recreational facilities?

  3. Thank you, Matt, for your comment but do not be too downhearted - it ain't over yet but we need to be wary.

    I am sure that Area 3 Councillors will be "on the case" and I do not imagine that the often forgotten tenants of one third of Oakfield (the Old Parkonians) are going to let this slip by unnoticed.

    An interesting question is - if the Frenford Clubs are going to the £6million development at the PLA site (thus vacating Oakfield and Cricklefield) then who is funding this move if Lord Rowallan's Covenants actually prevent the Academy development?

  4. It still amazes me, that council officers think the answer to all their woes is to balance the books.

    Yes there are big budget deficits, but instead of a short term fix (selling land at vastly reduced prices, which will not be developed for years)

    How about taking the long term view (build in appropriate places (with residents consent) AND keep all the (sales / rental income)? not rocket science is it?

    Emails have been sent, officers need to be made aware that, assets can only be sold once, once sold, they should not be allowed to go to another borough, to carry out the same, business plan..... does NOT work, 3000 residents in tempoary accomodation, with 12,000 residents on the waiting list, kinda, lets slip that, Redbridge NEEDS to come up with a solution, as previous policy does not work.

    I'm no socialist, but being in temporary accomodation, not knowing where you will be posted next, does NOT allow a resident to settle, they tend not to treat the 'temporary accomodation as 'home' , which leads to transient communities, and local mistrust...

    Jus saying is all..

  5. Thank you, amereprole- you make some very fair points.

    Many feel that this whole issue of mass housing development is so fundamental to the future nature of the area that it requires almost a "public enquiry" into the issue. The box-ticking exercise of the CON-versation is widely accepted as having been a disaster.

    If Politicians at Regional and National level want these houses built then perhaps they would like to say where. Also, who and where at present are the people who are required to be living in these houses if and when built?

    There are a number of ugly rumours going around that many of the names on the waiting lists and in temporary accommodation are fictitious and this informs extremist propaganda. Only by having a free and frank consultation, in publc meetings, can the truth be explained and myths dispelled.

  6. The following appeared on the Redbridge Council Website:


    "Redbridge Council regularly talks to a wide range of companies about development opportunities in the Borough. We are aware Leyton Orient is interested in relocating to Redbridge but have not had any formal approach about Fairlop Waters or any other site in the Borough. We would need to see a firm proposal before considering the idea, and any development proposal would be the subject of wide public consultation. The Leader of the Council has categorically stated that Leyton Orient will not be going to Fairlop Waters.”

    Who started a rumour, that The O's may be coming to Redbridge, that the Leader of the Council has felt the need to deny and where else could they possibly be "relocating to". Oakfield?

    Should we be talking to Leyton Orient F.C.? (only joking!)

  7. The O's at Oakfield. It's got a ring to it.