Tuesday, 1 December 2009

North East London Health Consultation

Redbridge i has put up a forum discussion topic on the above subject.
All details are in the topic.
website link is here:

North East London Health Consultation Redbridge i forum discussion thread.


  1. It was there, but it ain't now!

  2. Oooh ahh missus! Yeah I just checked back in there it was gone! WHat's that all about then?

  3. Time for another pm to Redimanager!

  4. Your PM system works? Blimey!

  5. I just tried and got the old "inbox full and zero messages allowed" message. Here's my message in case Redimanager reads this tomorrow:

    Today I saw the NHS Forum discussion was up on your website. So I posted a message on Redbridge eye blog with a link at 5.28 pm.
    Sometime between 5.28 and 7.30 the forum discussion was taken off line.

    Can you tell me why that was please?

    I think that action was entirely unfair and unprofessional.

    There could have been people in the middle of working with it. Luckily I got the links to the NHS consultation documents and have been able to read the proposals.


    Here's the link to the NHS consultation documents: http://www.health4nel.nhs.uk/consultation/consultation-document/

  6. Just in case my forum post is not allowed to be published (a most common occurence these days), this is what I have just attempted to post.
    [There I am, denied a PM from markmason7 because the system is not working!
    My PM box is truly full of messages, mostly harmonious, a few which would not have stood up to scrutiny.
    All precious to me. I am not deleting.
    Markmason7 will find another way to contact me!
    A clue: I am freely available on the rediwebsite. Think of what made me see red in the past. Think of my pet topic!]
    ps: how do you get a smiley on these quick reply?

  7. I have just posted on the official website:
    I am furious.
    [Expletives deleted. (You would be surprised at the range of my vocab!)
    They have censured my contribution so I appear inane.
    Well inane can be a two-way system. What on earth is the matter with this council?]