Friday, 18 December 2009

Health and Saftey - where's my cushion?

Hi - Noticed this morning a new bit of paper on the gate to the Park next door, so sent hubby out to find out - apparently we must take care when walking in the park as many of the paths are slippery ( so the sign says) - this might be why an ambulance was up by the Mansion earlier. So you have been warned, sarcasm aside that snow and ice can be slippery.


  1. Yeah, it was very slippery up at Fairlop Waters this morning - 5 photos on me blogger blog here:

    Fairlop in t' snow!

  2. Apparently an Elf was up all last night at the Mansion wrapping presents for this.
    There is to be an Elf Union meeting tonite to decide whether or not to Strike over Santa's laziness.

  3. Are you sure it's not a meeting about Elf and Safety?

  4. There was an excelleny comment on the "Essex Girl" Blog that deserves wider recognition:
    The problem isn't actually the road surface, because most of the time you are ok as long as you go steady, it's the other drivers. The ones who have never driven in snow before and think it is just a weird coloured road. So they continue to drive like maniacs, and then wonder why their car is whizzing round in circles before hitting that parked one... *big sigh*"

    I have watched some incredibly stupid drivers over the past day or two, who must have seen snow before because we had rather a lot earlier in 2009 (BoJo's "right type of snow but in the wrong quantities")

    Why there are not a larger number of accidents is due to the fact that there are still a lot of good drivers around.